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Igrosoft Slots - Reviews, Demo Play and Bonus Offers

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About Igrosoft

This Russian company is registered for business in Moscow and directs its operations towards its home market and Asia. Nevertheless, their small but growing collection of slots is available to Western players in online casinos. If you think you’ll have to learn the Cyrillic alphabet, don’t worry - there’s full English language support.

Igrosoft have extensive experience in game creation, particularly for the peculiarities of the domestic Russian market. Founded in 1999 as a hardware company developing motherboards and programs to run on them, Igrosoft was registered as a software developer in 2003 under the leadership of Timur Stolyarov and soon became a fixture in land-based casinos.

In 2009, the Russian Federation banned land-based casinos in Russia and the Ukraine, and Igrosoft started the process of porting their slots online. They’ve continued to produce a small but interesting library of arcade-style slots with a proper retro feel.

All Igrosoft slots are available in demo play mode, so you can try them before you commit to playing for real cash. It’s safe to say that they have a unique style and that they’re not attempting to compete with the likes of Microgaming and NetEnt. In fact, each Igrosoft slot is developed in two different versions - one that meets the restrictions and regulations in place in the Russian market and one for a broader audience. But these slots are products that have been developed for a very different market, where they’re clearly very successful.

The Igrosoft House Style

You can spot an Igrosoft slot at 50 paces, since they all share identical DNA. Each game has five reels and nine paylines plus additional gameplay elements like wilds and free spins and sometimes a bonus game. The interface is identical - a column of buttons on either side of the screen allows you to control all the game functions, including autospins, number of paylines and max bet. There’s also a Risk feature that lets you double your money after any winning spin.

Graphics are on the basic side, and the sounds are pure land-based slots - if you miss the feel of a sticky pub carpet under your feet as you pump money into a fruit machine, playing an Igrosoft game will take you straight back there.

It may be that Igrosoft are undergoing a change of direction. After a nine-year pause in production between Crazy Monkey 2 and Pumpkin Fairy, the graphics have undergone an overhaul, and there are now charming soundtracks where there were once bleeps and thudding reels. But the underlying look and feel is the same, proving that if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Moving Online

Igrosoft were hit hard by the change in Russian gaming laws in 2009 and have been playing catch-up to port their slots portfolio from land-based to online slots. While they continue to provide their gaming motherboards and software packages, Igrosoft can now offer their entire gaming catalogue for online play across all devices. In fact, if you fancy a few cheeky spins while you’re on the daily commute, these fun and fast-moving slots are ready to play more quickly than most.

Interactivity isn’t Igrosoft’s strongest suit - pick and win bonuses and gambles are rudimentary at best. You won’t find the sophisticated autospin features of more advanced video slots here, either - you either switch the feature on or off, and there are no options to gamble or set win/loss limits. 

But there’s a good mix of themes and characters, some unexpected bonus features and a couple of slots that were clearly conceived solely for the Russian market such as Garage, the tale of a drunken mechanic, and the Resident games with their WWII backstory.

What Igrosoft online slots do share is some fast-paced gameplay and the potential to net some huge prizes from relatively affordable stakes. Many feature pays both ways, and that makes a nine-payline slot feel like one with double the paylines. These slots might not offer progressive jackpots or much in the way of frills. But slots like Pumpkin Fairy and Sweet Life 2 with its 675,000 credit top prize and fun honey-eating bonus game show that Igrosoft are clearly learning as they move their core business online.

Wild and Wacky Igrosoft Slots

The one thing that typifies Igrosoft slots is their range of weird and wacky characters, from the drunken garage mechanic to the frightened diner in Lucky Haunter. All are underpinned by the five-reel, nine-payline format.

The most popular slot from this software provider has been Crazy Monkey, which was Igrosoft’s big breakthrough in the Russian market. This cute and crazy little monkey offers a wide range of betting options and some genuinely funny slapstick moments. This mischievous monkey has starred in two slots and continues to deliver rick pickings with the bonus game and the super game - just remember to dodge the anvil!

Sweet Life features a honey-hungry bear who has to choose between barrels and hives to enrich his life - and your pocket. In Sweet Life 2 the gameplay has moved on, and our hero must now climb a tree to find prizes by opening up a series of hives and avoiding some very angry bees.

It’s not only animals that are the stars of Igrosoft games. In the Resident games a haphazard spy gets the opportunity to crack safes and win prizes, with the opportunity to play for the game’s main prize hiding behind one of two doors. Gnome cranks the visuals up a notch with some well-done 3D animations - this time our hero has to delve into a series of mining carts without getting a ton of mud dumped on his head.

Hardcore retro gamers won’t need to look much further than the Fruit Salad slots. These superbly done games recreate the look and feel of classic fruities with a breakout bonus game and unlimited gamble for impressive wins.

It’s not difficult to see that Igrosoft slots share a gameplay pattern with the major prizes available in pick and win style of bonus games. The lack of free spins might be off-putting to some players, but the pays both ways mechanism means you’ll snap up twice the wins reading left to right and right to left.

More Than Slots

Apart from their library of slot machines, Igrosoft also produce motherboards for land-based slot machines. Each contains its own powerful processor and memory plus an optional software package of Igrosoft games. Thanks to partnerships with high-level companies like the Betsson Group, Slotegrator and Every Matrix, Igrosoft have pushed into newly developing land-based markets.

The latest IGP2 boards include features like SD storage, multiple integrated ports and output to multiple monitors. Like their slots, the approach is no-frills and functional with game packages that include the entire Igrosoft output with two player options.

Igrosoft on Mobile and Tablet

Igrosoft have worked hard to port their collection of slots to the online platform and seem to be creating newer games that are making a push for a Western casino audience used to stunning sounds and visuals. Their HTML5 products carry the same characteristics as their land-based games in terms of gameplay features and the underlying RNGs and are some of the fastest-loading slots we’ve ever encountered - that’s where simplicity and a solid infrastructure can win out over innovation for innovation’s sake.

HTML5 slots have the advantage of using the browser’s own language. This allows for asynchronous loading of game assets, which in turn leads to lightning-fast loading and playing speeds. Perhaps the biggest advantage of in-browser slots is the ability to play on any device and operating platform - so whether you want to play Fruit Cocktail 2 Slot for free on your iPad or Android smartphone, it will play seamlessly.

We also found that the player interface works well in both portrait and landscape mode, while the simple graphics have plenty of retro charm on a razor-sharp HD screen. Better yet, whether you open Crazy Monkey or Lucky Hunter on a tablet or mobile screen, the game will optimise for the best appearance. And did we mention that HTML5 slots save on battery life too, so you can enjoy a long and pleasurable session of old school slots?

Social Gaming 

Any developer that wants to break into new markets and reach out to players who might find their games geo-restricted knows they need to dip their toe into the world of social gaming. Through its relationship with Slotegrator, all the latest news and games from the Russian company are available on social channels, while their demo play slots are available to play through social casinos like Free Slots Games.

How to Get the Best out of Igrosoft Slots

Igrosoft are in the business of producing casino slots underpinned with algorithms that guarantee the fairness of every spin by ensuring that results can only be emulated by pure chance. If you can’t control luck, you can at least sign up to play Igrosoft slots at online casinos with attractive bonuses or zero wagering requirements. You’ll generally find Igrosoft slots at smaller casinos reliant on smaller game studios.

Always choose a casino that is fully licensed by one of the recognised authorities like UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Commission as a mark of security and legitimacy. Choose slots with a good RTP - Igrosoft peg their slots at around the 96% mark, which offers a good return for penny players and high-rollers alike - and volatility that matches your playing style. If you prefer a long and relaxing session, opt for low- to medium-volatility slots with steady low-value wins. If high-octane gaming is your style, then go for high-volatility Igrosoft games that will chew up your bankroll before spitting out a 675,000 credit jackpot win.

Should I Play Igrosoft Slot Games?

Playing Igrosoft slots is a fascinating journey. From the earliest games with their clunky graphics and unsophisticated gameplay, a different style is beginning to emerge. Gone are the roughly drawn 2D visuals in favour of attractive cartoon-style graphics, and easy-on-the-ear soundtracks are replacing the bleeps and whistles of the classic fruity. If you’re a lover of old school retro gaming, then you’ll be hugely attracted to the early offerings from Igrosoft for their sheer playability - there are no complex game rules to assimilate, as you simply hit the button and watch the reels spin.

If you’ve grown up with cutting-edge slots that push the boundaries, Igrosoft games will look like something out of the Ark - even the newer games retain their old-fashioned charm. But you’ll be missing out on some rock-solid gameplay and huge rewards and a deep dive into the history of a different style of gaming designed for a very different market.

For their sheer speed, action-packed playing style and retro cred, Igrosoft slots are like the hipsters of the gaming world with a feel all their own. Retro gamers will love the opportunity to play stripped-back slots that deliver, while newer players should give them a spin for their rock-solid playability. When newer video slots have started to fall out of fashion, Igrosoft games will still be going strong.

Igrosoft Slot FAQs

Where are Igrosoft from?

Igrosoft is based in Russia, and this appears to be where they continue to operate from today.

Are they a legit company?

Yes, Igrosoft are legit, although their games aren’t widely found at online casinos outside of Russia and parts of Eastern Europe. This has led to some people thinking they’re not legitimate - but rest assured, their games are fair.

Are their games mobile-optimized?

Yes. Igrosoft’s games are developed with mobile use in mind, and you’ll find yourself able to play them on Android, iOS and other mobile devices.

How long have they been in business for?

Igrosoft has been in business for more than 19 years. This may come as a surprise to many of our readers, as there’s a pretty good chance you’ve never even heard of the company! However, as we mentioned, they typically target a very specific market, and they haven’t found any major success in Western Europe or other parts of the world.

What are some of their best-known slots?

None of Igrosoft’s slots have proven to be massive commercial successes. However, some of their more popular titles include Crazy Monkey 2, Fruit Cocktail 2, Island, Keks, Pirate and Lucky Haunter.