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Red 7’s Origins

Red 7 was originally founded in 2011 and made its start in Bristol. The firm originally started working with other software developers on creating their products and services, before turning their attention to their own range of slots and table games.

One of the biggest things Red 7 has helped with in the last decade is turning old Flash versions or land-based casino games into HTML5 optimised software. These conversions have been of major importance in today’s modern gaming world, as more and more people move away from Flash. HMTL5 software allows developers to bring games onto online browsers without players having to download any sort of app or casino technology in order to play.

Another big area for Red 7 that not many people know about is the company’s role in creating sports apps for online bookmakers. Some of these apps have integrated groundbreaking technology such as live scoreboard tracking so that customers know what’s happening during a match or game in real-time. Red 7 has also introduced more accurate predictions for games and messenger apps as part of its software.

Because Red 7 is so established in the gaming community it has been able to build some very impressive partnerships throughout the industry. Some of the most famous brands that this developer has worked with include Betfair, William Hill and, to name a few. It also has games features on some of the best platforms like Quickfire and OpenBet for players to enjoy.

Red 7 Slot Games

Red 7 offers up around a dozen or so online slots games for people to enjoy. While its online slots portfolio may not be bursting at the seams, the games they do have feature some truly creative themes that are very different than what you would expect from other software developers. All of the slots from Red 7 have five reels to play on and the company strives to make sure its gameplay is rich and exciting so that players enjoy their experience from start to finish.

One of the most popular offerings from Red 7 is the Dragon vs Unicorn slot which takes two very popular fantasy creatures and pits them against each other in a cartoon style battle. There is also a whimsical Jurassic Park-esque slot called Dinoworld that is cute and rewarding at the same time. One of our favourite offerings from Red 7 is Jelly Bear Athletics. It takes the classic children’s candy and puts them in an Olympics style sporting event which is really unusual but wildly entertaining. Every slots game from Red 7 is just fun, to put it plain and simply. Each one has a lot of replay value, even though the company only has a handful of slots to play online.

Red 7 table games

There are five games that make up Red 7’s table game portfolio. Most of these take on an Asian theme and are typical of what you might expect to see in a Chinese gambling hub. Examples of the games in this range from Red 7 are sic bo and baccarat. They also have more classic offerings such as roulette and big wheel.

One of the most interesting games in this range is the Colours Triple Wheel. It’s unique in that it’s sort of a three-wheeled roulette game, only they substitute the numbers you would expect to see with colours instead. Players can enjoy choosing different colours to place their bets on and there are unique gambling options such as predicting one colour that will show up on a wheel or a whole set that appears on a consecutive spin.

Instant wins from Red 7

Red 7 has a lot of different instant win games such as scratch cards that make up a large part of its games library. Included are four different scratch cards which reward the player for finding the most valuable symbols, and also award large prizes if you match four symbols that are the same. This is something completely different that not many scratch cards in this genre have used before.

Painting the town red

Although Red 7 isn’t the largest game developer out there, it has had a massive impact on the UK gambling industry and market as a whole because of how much it has helped other companies with their technological advances. The firm is such a versatile developer and has put its games out on some of the most modern platforms for players to enjoy all across the world. It has also made itself a valuable asset to many big-name business partners, developing software and apps to make the entire gaming experience a lot more user friendly for players.

The amount of work that this company has done in such a short amount of time just goes to show there’s no limits on what the artists and programmers over at Red 7 can do. Being able to transfer Flash games over to HTML5 to make it easier for mobile and desktop users was not only brilliant but also bought more fans to its own online slot machines. Some of the titles on offer are the most entertaining and creative we’ve seen in a very long time.


Red7 Slot FAQs

Where is Red7 based?

Red7 is based in Bristol, UK.

Where can I find Red7 slots?

Red7 slots aren't as common as bigger online slot developers, but there are at least two dozen casinos that carry them.

Is Red7 a legit online casino software developer?

Red7 is an authorised slots developer that is licensed and reguolated by the British Gambling Commission.

What are the most popular Red7 slots?

Red7's most popular online slot to date is Gremlins, based on the cult classic film from the 80s.