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WMG Background

WMG is an Italian software development company that was founded in 2009. However, although the software house may be still in its infancy, it has an excellent pedigree. The software house was created by merging two existing companies, MAG Elettronica and CMS Gaming. MAG Elettronica had been operating in the gaming industry since 1994, designing and manufacturing gaming machines for bricks-and-mortar establishments. But the company was quick to see the opportunities being offered by video lottery terminals and had a strong desire to move across into that market. 

Meanwhile, CMS Gaming was also looking to expand and diversify beyond its role of creating cabinets and software for amusement arcades. Between them, the two companies decided to combine their talents, knowledge and experience to break into the Italian video lottery market. And in the process, they created WMG.

WMG Markets

The newly created WMG was an instant success, quickly becoming a leading light in the world of Italian video lottery. But not content with achieving their primary aim, the company then decided to turn its attention to the world of online casino gaming by creating a new breed of online slots games designed to attract players who may not previously have considered slots gaming.

Although the prime focus is on creating online games, the company hasn’t forgotten its roots. In addition to its small catalogue of online slots, the company has also produced some traditional cabinet games for land-based premises. Current designs include the Galileo and the iLeo, which boast superior construction and a touch-screen interface. In fact, the cabinets are so well designed and made that WMG has become the only games cabinet developer to receive official certification from SOGEI, the Italian IT Society which is owned by the Italian government.

But that’s not the only extra string to WMG’s bow - the software house also produces apps. Head to the Apple store if you have an iPhone, or to Google Play if you have an Android, and you’ll be able to access free versions of two of the software developer's slots games. Choose from Cash Bunny or Criss Cross to discover for yourself just how much fun these games are.

Many of the currently available WMG Gaming slots games are based around games that the company had previously created for the video lottery terminals in Italy. But all of the company’s output features fun cartoon-style graphics, making them fairly easy to identify as WMG creations.

The WMG Software Platform

It’s all very well creating online slots games, but developers then have to source an appropriate software platform for delivering those games to the public. Rather than paying a third party, WMG has opted to concentrate its efforts on producing its very own in-house platform, which it has named WMGear. This was a brave step, but it’s certainly paid off. The platform has been throughout tested to ensure that it fulfils all the necessary functions, which makes the company's slots games even more palatable for online casino operators. The casinos can easily integrate WMG games into their catalogue of available titles.

The WMGear software platform has been developed with the company’s painstaking attention to detail and has proved to be a big hit with casinos. Moreover, it guarantees the optimum gaming experience for enthusiastic slots fans, who are able to access WMG games across a variety of devices, including desktop, mobile and tablet.

WMG and the Italian Market

As an Italian company, it’s hardly surprising that WMG has its eye firmly on its home market, where it has built up a solid reputation for creating fun and entertaining games. In fact, Italian online casinos are always enthusiastic to showcase the WMG portfolio, since the company is renowned for the quality of its products.

And, of course, Italian gamers who play the country’s video lottery terminals are already familiar with many of the games that the company produces, so their output is known and loved throughout Italy. The emphasis is very much on continuing to appeal to the Italian market, but thanks to its WMGear software platform, the company is now able to extend its reach to a global audience.

The company doesn’t yet have sufficient game titles to front an entire casino, and it’s possible that the company has no ambitions to do so. But with such a great reputation for quality and attention to detail, it can surely only be a matter of time before the company expands its reach still further and steps up its output to become one of the major players within the online gaming industry.

WMG Slots

The software developer only began developing online casino games as recently as 2016, so it’s still very early days for the company. Currently, there is only a very small selection of games, but new titles are under development, so the company’s output is certain to grow over the coming months.

Many of the company’s current crop of online slots games are based around games that were previously developed for the Italian video lottery terminals, so there was a built-in audience who were already familiar with them.

All of the current games produced by WMG share the same cartoon-style graphics, making them fairly easy to spot as WMG offerings. The games are designed to be fun and quirky and not to be taken too seriously. This makes them ideal for players who aren’t normally attracted to online slots gaming, as well as helping to create a brand identity.

They all feature a five-reel grid and five paylines, so they certainly aren’t complicated to play. This is certain to appeal to any players who find the majority of online games quite confusing to play, helping to draw new players into the genre. And because slots fans love nothing more than a bonus feature, WMG slots usually include one or more bonuses, with the most popular option being the ‘pick’ style bonus, in which players make their selection to reveal rewards and cash prizes.

Fowl Play

The Fowl Play series of online slots games are the best known and most loved of all the company's games that are currently available. You won’t find any 3D graphics in these games, but the fun theme and tempting bonuses mean that you probably won’t even notice. You need to help the cute hens outwit the fox, who is the game’s Wild, as they lay their eggs. There are plenty of fun graphics in the game, including ears of corn and bales of hay, as well as some more traditional symbols, such as Lucky Number 7s and the always popular Bar symbol. Trigger the bonus round to see the hens laying eggs, which could earn you some valuable cash prizes.

In addition to the basic Fowl Play game, there’s also an alternative version called 4 Fowl Play, which is based on the 4 Fowl Play Slot Machine This game features not just one set of reels but four of them. Players can choose how many, or how few, to include with each spin, so there’s the possibility of scooping some big cash prizes if you hit it lucky when playing with all of the reels simultaneously.

Fowl Play Gold returns to the farm, where the fox Wild is still on the prowl, hoping to grab himself a tasty dinner. But the happy hens certainly aren’t concerned, as they focus their efforts on laying eggs. Spin up three white chicken scatters and the birds make their way down to a separate screen where they settle on to a perch. The player is then invited to pick one, which will lay an egg to award you a bonus prize. And in line with the other games in this series, you get two spins with each game rather than the usual one, so there are plenty of opportunities to win. In this game, the jackpot prize is a highly tempting 50,000 coins, although you’ll need to wager 400 coins to achieve that level of win.

The final slots game in the Fowl Play series is Fowl Play London. Although aimed primarily at an Italian audience, for some reason the WMG developers saw fit to move the chickens to London for this game. And the game has even travelled back in time to the early part of the 20th century, when horses were vying for space on the London streets with the newly developed motor car. The farmyard theme has now disappeared completely, with the rooster now donning the mantle of Sherlock Holmes. The fox, meanwhile, has transformed into Moriarty, who is desperate to see of our hero at the earliest opportunity. Trigger the bonus game, and you’ll get to examine clues using a magnifying glass, which will reveal cash rewards. Keep picking clues until the dastardly fox appears to shoot Sherlock dead, which returns you back to the base game.

Pigs and Bricks is, as you might imagine, based around the popular fairy tale of the Three Little Pigs. This is a really fun title which features straw, sticks and bricks that the three pigs use to build their houses. You’ll also find a toolbox on the reels, as well as a cute little house. The big, bad wolf is Wild, so he can substitute for other symbols to create winning lines, but he also appears at the side of the reels too. In a unique twist to the usual reel mechanics, rather than spinning the reels are blown away by the wolf’s huffing and puffing, with new reels then dropping down to fill the empty spaces. And once again, you get two spins instead of one, with the option to hold reels in place for the second spin, to increase your chances of scoring a win. Spin up three house bonus symbols to trigger the bonus feature. Here, the wolf makes his way past the homes of the three little pigs, blowing each one down. An energy meter shows how much puff the wolf has left, with the bonus game ending when he runs out of steam. You will then be awarded a cash prize based on his progress.

Witch Hunter takes a slightly darker theme, but it’s still packed with cartoon-style graphics, so it’s not too scary. You’ll meet ghouls, potions and witch hunters across the reels as you try to spin your way to a fortune with the help of some gargoyle Wilds. There are elements of Snow White here in the bonus game too - spin up three Bonus books to be transported to the castle, where a witch is stirring a cauldron. Add potions to her concoction and she’ll reward you with cash prizes. If your luck is in, the witch will transform into a beautiful young girl, but if you add something toxic into the potion mix then you’d better beware! 

Other games produced by WMG include Haunted House, Yabba Dabba Dosh and Cash Bunny, but it’s well worth keeping an eye on the developer’s output, as new titles are in production,


What market does WMG target?

As an Italian company, WMG focuses primarily on the Italian market. They have, however, started to try and expand, especially with their online video slots.

When were they founded?

The developer was established in 2009; they were formed because engineers from MAG Elettronica wanted to start working on more modernized systems, so they left their old company and formed WMG.

What types of games do they develop?

Historically, WMG focused their efforts on building games for land-based casinos and arcades. Around 5 years in they started to develop games for the Italian iGaming industry.

What video slots do they offer?

WMG currently offers just over 10 games, so their portfolio is pretty small compared to most game developers. Some of these games include 4 Fowl Play, Haunted House, Montezuma’s Treasure, Pigs & Bricks and Witch Hunter.

Will the company “break through” onto the mainstream scene?

Who knows. At the moment it looks unlikely; their games are relatively basic, and it’s going to take quite a lot to compete with some of the incredibly unique and innovative releases we’re seeing from Big Time Gaming, Relax Gaming and other mainstream software providers.