Yoyougaming Slots - Reviews, Demo Play and Bonus Offers

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Bursting onto the scene at a time when anything seemed possible for less well-established gaming companies, Yoyou Gaming quickly racked up a portfolio of excellent slots, lottery games and casino favorites. All this in a country, China, where non-state regulated gambling is illegal.

Since then, they seem to have dropped out of sight but they’ve left behind a legacy of video slots and 3 reelers with unusual themes and great bonus features.

Spin And Win

First the bad news. Some of the available Yoyou Gaming slots are very generic with simplistic graphics and gameplay. It does, however, get very much better with some interesting themes and bonus features in games like Dragon Ball. This game, despite its appearance, offers sophisticated gameplay across its 3 reels, thanks to 8 paylines running horizontally, vertically and diagonally. It’s a layout shared by Mahjong 13, based on the ancient and popular tile game, with both slots offering bonus games and progressive jackpots to keep gamers happy.

Another of Yoyou Gaming’s Chinese-themed offerings is Mid-Autumn Festival, based on the annual celebration of mooncakes and Chinese lanterns. Leaving aside the Chinese-themed slots, the majority of their games feature themes and graphics from around the world. Lost in Africa and Penguin Adventure are tailor made for the gamer who enjoys some wildlife with their slots, whilst Anubis and Mayan Code are based on Egyptian and South American mythology respectively. If you want to go back to prehistory, there’s Land of the Dinosaurs.

Ying And Yang

Yoyou Gaming also leave behind some really cute and funny 3 reelers like Lucky Cheery and Lovely Smile, which features a whole host of happy cartoon mushrooms. Then there are the games that feature the flipside of all that cheery, happy go luckiness – games like Satan’s Treasure and Hallowe’en Night that are definitely the ying to the more upbeat games’ yang.
There are also some more serious 5 reel slots like Underground and Hurricane Speed, with 20 paylines and features like progressive jackpots.

The only real criticism of all this variety is that the bonus features in Youyou Gaming’s offerings might seem repetitive after a while. There’s definitely a set pattern of bonus scatters, free spin scatters, progressive jackpot scatters and wilds. If those features work for you, then Yoyou Gaming’s slots will definitely be worth a spin.

Our Verdict

With the company’s CEO now focusing on another project, Yoyou Gaming might be permanently on the back burner. Whilst their slots aren’t going to trouble some of the big players in the market, particularly in graphical terms, their wide range of themes means there will be something for everyone. Those progressive jackpots certainly have the potential to land some big wins. While Yoyou Gaming’s slots might not set the entire world alight, there’s plenty to please any spinner.