If you’re a big fan of playing slots, you may want to have an actual slot machine in your leisure or games room. While you think it might be as easy as having a browse on eBay, there’s actually a lot to think about, and we’re here to give you some guidance.

Consider the laws

Around the world, there are very different rules concerning the purchase of used slot machines. In Canada, it is legal to own one but you cannot actually use it. The law states that it must be deactivated while in your home. This is to prevent regular people from running illegal gambling parlours in their personal residence.

While this may be harsh, it could be worse; in some countries, you are not even allowed to own a used slot machine. At least, in Canada, you can have one for decorative purposes.

Decide what kind of slot machine you want in your home

Do you want one that will go with the décor in your leisure room, or would you prefer to purchase a used version of one of your favourite games? Have you considered purchasing an antique slot machine for a little touch of classic?

There are plenty of different options available, so have a think about what you want so that you can easily narrow down your options.

Shop around

There are many places where you can purchase a used slot machine online. eBay is a great place to look, as you can find slot machines from around the world. Personals sites like Craigslist and Kijiji also offer up a wide selection and new listings are posted daily.

So, you can find the perfect slot machine to suit your leisure room. It’s also a good idea to have a look at antique shops and pawn brokers in your area. They are likely to have a unique selection, and it may be easier to sort out the shipping of your new slot machine to your home.

Prepare for technical problems

As is the case with having any technical item in your home, slot machines can sometimes break down. Even if you are using it for decorative purposes, you want to ensure that it remains in good working order.

One common problem is the replacement of lightbulbs. Find out what kind of bulbs the machine takes when your purchase and have a couple on hand just in case they go, so you’re prepared.

Also, remember to keep the machine clean and dusted. This will prevent a build-up of dust, so that the bill acceptor doesn’t get jammed.