Butterfly Staxx 2: How Does NetEnt’s New Slot Stack Up?

This week, NetEnt released its newest online slot, Butterfly Staxx 2. The game has been the topic of plenty of discussion among slots fans across the web, as they were thrilled to discover that one of NetEnt’s most popular games has been given a sequel.

As is the case with most slot sequels, we were pretty dubious about this new release, wondering if it really does bring players a bigger and better gaming experience than the first. So, our slots experts quickly got spinning to determine whether or not Butterfly Staxx 2 is an improvement than the original Butterfly Staxx.

Two Very Different Looks

The first Butterfly Staxx online slot had an interesting and unusual look to it. The graphics were designed with a geometric aesthetic, and the background even had a bit of a pixel art look to it. This made for a whimsical design that really caught our eye.

The new Butterfly Staxx 2 slot is a lot different, in terms of design. The game looks a bit prettier and more polished – but it does lack some of the charm of the first slot in the series. This time around, Butterfly Staxx 2 looks just like any other fantasy-themed slot and we miss the quirky graphics.

How Does the Gameplay Compare?

Upon first glance, Butterfly Staxx and Butterfly Staxx 2 might not seem all that different beyond the graphics, but there are plenty of gameplay factors that set the two slots apart. Even though they are both low variance, 40-payline games, you’ll notice many differences under the hood.


Butterfly Staxx

Butterfly Staxx 2










Maximum Set of Reels






The RTP (return to player) in Butterfly Staxx 2 is a bit a lower than it is in the original game. However, this isn’t something that immediately stands out. If you didn’t look at the numbers, you wouldn’t really know as the low volatility of the game makes for frequent wins. It would only be after a few hundred spins that you’d be able to tell that the payout percentage is lower – and, even then, it’s not by very much.

The bonus features are where things really get shaken up. NetEnt took the Butterfly Spins feature that players loved so much about the first Butterfly Staxx and multiplied it. Now, you can trigger up to three sets of reels, each with stacked symbols that can trigger amazing wins.

The same has been done for the Re-spins bonus. Whereas just one set of reels is active during this feature in the original game, players can unlock up to three sets of reels during the re-spins of Butterfly Staxx 2.

Finally, there’s the Butterfly Frenzy round, which is a pick-a-prize bonus. There are 5 stages in this round, where players can win up to 125 coins. This feature wasn’t present at all during the first Butterfly Staxx. So, it’s a nice little addition that really enhances the gameplay of Butterfly Staxx 2.

See for Yourself

The only way to really get to know the difference between the two slots is to give them a spin yourself. You can play both Butterfly Staxx and Butterfly Staxx 2 here for free, and decide for yourself which game you prefer.