Yggdrasil Gaming has recently released its new online slots game Seasons. In just a week, the gaming industry has been abuzz with news about this title as it is supposed to bring something innovative and new to the industry. So, we wanted to take a closer look at this title to see what all of the fuss is about and offer up our own honest opinion.

Theme and Graphics

The look of the game is very polished with beautifully animated graphics. The art style is characteristic of Yggdrasil Gaming slots. If you’re a fan of their games, then you will recognise the look right away.

What’s great about this game is that it seems like four themes in one. The graphics change to suit each season, along with the soundtrack. It really mixes things up and keeps it fresh, so you never really get bored while spinning the reels.


There are 20 paylines in Seasons, which offer players a number of different ways to win. Players have to bet on all 20 lines, which ensures that they never miss out on a chance to win. There is a wide betting range, as players can wager between 1c and $5 per line. This makes the maximum bet $100, so high rollers will really enjoy this game.

Changing Seasons and Wild Modes

Every 10 spins, the seasons will change. This not only changes the way the game looks; it also changes the bonus features. There are four different wild symbols, one for every season, and each have a special feature:

  • Summer: Deer wild expands in a cross pattern
  • Winter: Hare wild will hop to another location, in the best possible position to create a winning combination
  • Spring: Owl wild offers one free re-spin
  • Autumn: Fox wild offers a multiplier worth up to 10x

It is always great when a game has wilds that offer up extra bonus features and the fact that Seasons has four different wild bonuses is fantastic. It really enhances the gameplay without overcomplicating things.

Other Bonuses

Unfortunately, there are no other bonuses available in this game. There isn’t a free spins round or pick-a-prize bonus, so all of the action takes place during the base game. This may be somewhat disappointing to some players – but, if we’re honest, we didn’t really notice the lack of a bonus game.

Normally, this would be a major deal-breaker – but, it’s not a big deal in Seasons. There is so much going on in the base game, which makes for a great gaming experience overall.

Our Verdict

Seasons is a fun online slots game that is definitely worth a few spins. While it’s lacking in an off-screen bonus, the gameplay is still great and the graphics and beautiful. We highly recommend this title.