Online slots developers are always looking for new ways to engage players, with unique themes and innovative bonus features – and BetSoft has decided to take things one step further with its new augmented reality game. The new Max Quest casino game takes players on an exciting subterranean treasure hunting quest as they vie for the chance to win cash prizes.

Online Casino’s First Augmented Reality Game

The object of Max Quest is quite simple. You make your way through an underground cave and search for treasure. As you make your way through the dark cavern, you’ll have to fight off mummies and zombies – which will earn you the experience you need to be even more successful. Up to six players can join one game and collaborate to gather as much treasure as possible.

BetSoft installed the game at Alexanderplatz in Berlin, allowing visitors to take a sneak peek of the gameplay. You can view their reactions below:

The promo version of the game takes place on a huge screen, so there’s no telling how Max Quest will play out on person device yet. We hope to get more information on this soon, but we imagine that it would have a similar interface to games like Pokemon Go, where the game’s creatures appear in the real world on your mobile screen.

VR Versus AR?

This is definitely a ground-breaking innovative in the online casino market, as no other games developers have really experimented with Augmented Reality technology before. We’ve seen Virtual Reality games from NetEnt and Slots Million, but we can imagine that AR games will have a wider appeal among players.

Virtual reality games require the use of headsets, which can be quite expensive (however, there are some affordable versions out there nowadays). They are also cumbersome, so you wouldn’t necessarily take a VR game with you out in public to play on your mobile.

The new Max Quest game from BetSoft will be available at gaming sites on September 20. This is a very exciting time in the online casino world, and we can’t wait to give it a spin!