Next week, Relax Gaming will be debuting its new Book of 99 online slot. To celebrate, we’ll be hosting a special Slots Temple tournament featuring the game – with some great prizes on offer – on May 4th, at 2pm.

About Book of 99

Book of 99 appears to follow a similar format to just about all slots that start with “Book Of…”. It’s a 10-payline game with a free spins bonus that comes with a special expanding symbol – but, there are extra special surprises in store.

Firstly, Book of 99 has one of the highest RTPs we’ve ever seen in an online slot – at a whopping 99%. Normally, the highest you’ll see from newer slots is 96.8%, so this is a huge increase.

Something else that you won’t find in other similar slots is the Wild Collect Feature. Every time a wild lands on the reels, it will fill the meter to the left of the screen. Once you’ve collected 99 wilds, you’ll trigger the free spins round.

What's So Special About This Tournament?

In this particular Book of 99 tournament, all sorts of different prizes are on offer. In addition to the usual Slots Temple items, you can win Relax merch like wool socks, fluffy blankets, wine tumblers and, the grand prize, an LED sanitiser.  

How to Play Slots Temple Tournaments

When you play in Slots Temple Tournaments, you’ll be able to compete with other players while spinning the reels on top slots. You have a certain number of spins to complete the tournament and climb the top of the leaderboard by earning points.

Your score updates in real time and you can watch yourself as you climb the positions on the leadererboard. As you play each slot, you’ll be awarded point whenever you:

  • Hit a certain number of wins in a row
  • Hit a certain number of losses in a row
  • Land a big win (15x or more)

You can enter each Slots Temple tournament once every 24 hours. Your highest score is the one that shows up on the final leaderboard.

Save The Date

Be sure to mark the date in your calendars: May 4th, 2021 at 2pm! This is a great opportunity to try out Relax Gaming’s latest online slot, while vying for the chance to earn some great prizes.