Nature and wild animals are a popular theme for online slots developers. There are literally hundreds of games out there in today’s online casino market based in the safari, the outback and underwater.

Now, Microgaming is taking the theme of nature one step further with its new Untamed online slots series: Giant Panda, Wolf Pack and Bengal Tiger.

Each of the three games in the series immerses players in the wild world of the animal on which it is based. Microgaming has created detailed settings for each online slots game in the Untamed series, and you’ll feel as though you’re travelling through the forest or jungle while spinning the slots’ reels.

Aside from the nature theme, the uniting feature of all three games is their 243 Ways format; so, players do not need to wager on individual paylines, resulting in less costly spins for the same generous cash prizes.

Untamed: Giant Panda

is based on the endangered Chinese animal. In this game, Microgaming presents the animal in its natural habitat, surrounded by lush green forest and looking out over the mountains. The game’s design succeeds in immersing the player in a realistic world, but also offers up a high-quality gambling experience.

Players can wager anywhere from $0.30 to $22; so, players have plenty of wagering options available to them. As such, Untamed: Giant Panda suits players with a wide range of gaming budgets. Its top jackpot is a generous prize of $5000.

Untamed: Wolf Pack

offers the same aesthetic experience as Giant Panda, as the game takes the player to the cold and uninviting habitat of wolves. The icy design of the game is well-executed and players are meant to feel like they are part of the pack. Untamed: Wolf Pack offers up a great bonus feature called Collect-A-Wild.

Whenever a wild symbol appears on a particular reel, it activates one of our icons beneath it. When all four icons are activated, the entire reel turns wild. While the bonus features are fantastic, the game is lacking in jackpot offerings, as its top prize is just $375.

Untamed: Bengal Tiger

started it all, being the first game in the series. This game offers players an immersive experience in the jungle. Its rich colours and realistic graphics can keep players entertained for hours, as it offers up a beautiful gaming environment. Wolf Pack offers a $2000 jackpot and the Collect-A-Wild feature; so, players have plenty of chances to win significant cash prizes while playing this game.

Regardless of which game you choose to play, you’re in for a high-quality gambling experience. Each game in the Untamed slots series from Microgaming is a huge success; so, we suggest trying them all to get a taste of what makes each title so great.