Atari Interactive has announced that the company will be venturing into the social casino market. This is pretty exciting news for classic games fans and just about anyone who was around during the 1980s.

While few details have been announced, Slots Temple can speculate about the features of the new casino.

Casino Games Based On Atari Titles

According to USA Today, one of the few things that is known about the new social casino from Atari is that the games will feature themes from Atari titles. We think that it will be amazing to play online slots based on Centipede or Asteroids – think of how fun the bonus games would be!

Each time the player shoots down an asteroid or advances in Centipede, they would earn credits. It would be a great way to incorporate this iconic gameplay into these new social casino games.

There is no mention of whether or not Atari’s newer titles will serve as inspiration for the social casino – but it couldn’t hurt.

Special Forces Team x, Outlaw, Roller Coaster Tycoon and Super Bunny Break Out are popular mobile games, and they could attract a new audience to the developer’s new social games.

FlowPlay Boosts the Profile of the Project

What’s the point of entering the social casino world if you don’t have any experience in the market? Atari’s venture would not have been very well-received if it hadn’t been for its partnership with an experienced social casino operator. FlowPlay will help bring Atari’s new social casino to life with great social features, bonuses and a quality backend system.

FlowPlay is best known for its popular mobile app, Slots Social Casino. It has accrued between 5 million and 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store, and has earned a high rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. There are 30 social casino games on the platform, including slots and blackjack.

Our Predictions

Everybody loves a good trip down memory lane, and Atari will be the first to provide this experience to social casino goers. As such, we anticipate that Atari’s new social gaming network will be a pretty big hit.

However, it has to be done right. FlowPlay cannot just rely on the Atari name to gain a following; the games will have to be innovative and exciting – and there will have be enough bonus incentives to keep players coming back for more.

The new app could be successful enough bring Atari into the 21st Century as a modern gaming developer.