We Played Slots in GTA’s Diamond Casino – And, We Have Some Thoughts

Grand Theft Auto’s casino update has been long awaited by players around the world. We quickly downloaded the update to explore the casino, and were very impressed with the entire outfit. It is certainly an entertaining addition to the game but, from a slots perspective, we were left wanting more.

How It Works

You can use in-game money to purchase chips to play the casino games at Diamond Casino. While most players simply do missions to earn money in Grand Theft Auto, it’s also possible to purchase in-game dollars as “cash cards”. The prices are as follows:

Card Name

Amount in GTA Dollars

Real Currency Cost

Red Shark


$2.99 USD/CAD
£1.99 GBP

Tiger Shark


$4.99 USD/CAD
£3.29 GBP

Bull Shark


$9.99 USD/CAD
£6.19 GBP

Great White Shark


$19.99 USD/CAD
£11.99 GBP

Whale Shark


$49.99 USD/CAD
£31.99 GBP

Megalodon Shark


$99.99 USD/CAD
£64.99 GBP


Chips are valued in the same way that they would be at any brick-and-mortar casino. So, you’ll be spending $1 for a $1 chip.

Now, this has ruffled some feathers. Since players can essentially use real money to buy chips in Grand Theft Auto’s Diamond Casino, there are concerns about whether or not this constitutes real-life gambling. The only difference is that your chips have no cash value, so we can't see many players spending real money just to play casino games in GTA V.

You have to purchase a membership to the casino, which starts at $500 in GTA money – and comes with a 5000-chip welcome bonus. For more perks and bigger bonuses, you can buy more expensive memberships.

There are several different games available in the Diamond Casino. You can play slots, three card poker, roulette and blackjack. There is also a racetrack where you can bet on horses.

Once you’ve finished playing, you can cash out your chips, and they will be added to your in-game balance. You’ll then be able to buy cars, collectibles and property with your winnings.

The Missions

There are a few new story mode missions, which don’t offer huge rewards. However, completing all of them will provide you with bonuses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars which is worth it in the long run. While doing the missions may not boost your balance significantly, it’s a good idea to play through the missions at least once to reveal more of the game’s story.

Some other perks of downloading the casino are the new vehicles. There are some fantastic cars that you can buy, and my favourite is the Truffade Thrax, which seems to be GTA’s version of the Bugatti Veyron .

Lucky Wheel

Like most social casinos, there is a daily prize wheel. Every day, you’ll be able to spin the wheel for the chance to win cash, clothing, chips and vehicles.

The Slots

Now, this is what we were really interested in. At Slots Temple, we’re experts on the topic of slot games, so we wanted to see how the selection of games would compare to real-life online and land-based casinos.

There are quite a few different slot machines that you can play at Diamond Casino and Resort. We were pretty surprised with the selection, as each game is totally different. There are a variety of themes, and they offer different payouts. So, you should try out lots of slots in the casino to find out which games best benefit your bankroll.

The main downside is that all of the games are 3-reel slots. You won’t find any of the more modern types of 5-reel video slots. As a result, this can make playing slots pretty repetitive.

Some of the many slots in GTA V's Diamond Casino and Resort.

It also doesn’t stay particularly true to land-based casinos, since there are many formats available, with varying numbers of paylines and all sorts of different bonus rounds. The other issue is that all of the games are mechanical slots, which isn’t the case anymore at casinos, as there are many video slot games.

We can’t really fault Rockstar Games for this, though. It’s probably a huge amount of work to program mini-games into Grand Theft Auto V, and it would be a lot of ask if every slot was complex and had totally different gameplay.

That being said, playing slots make for a great way to make money in Diamond Casino and Resort. There are some games that offer payouts worth up to 2.5 million chips. It’s more effective than playing games like blackjack and three card poker, where the maximum payouts are 3 to 2 and 40 to 1, respectively.

Should There Be Concerns About Gambling?

Grand Theft Auto’s Diamond Casino and Resort has been banned in over 50 countries now, due to concerns about gambling. It’s an interesting development and we feel that it may be a bit extensive. Since GTA V’s money has no real-world value, we can't imagine gamers rushing out to buy cash cards with actual currency just to play slots in Los Santos.

What does deserve attention is the potential issue of underage gambling. While the game is 18+, there are still many younger gamers who play Grand Theft Auto V.

While children would need access to their parents’ credit cards to purchase cash cards, they would still be able to play in the casino using their-game cash. This does present an issue with exposing underage individuals to gambling, which may encourage them to take part in the activity or lead to problems with addiction later on in life.

In the same way that parents who allow their under-18 children to play Grand Theft Auto should talk to them about violence in real life, they should have a conversation about gambling. Children should be made aware of the realities of taking part in this activity outside of the game, and learn about the risks of gambling.

Still, the new Grand Theft Auto V Diamond Casino and Resort is a fun update that fans of the series will enjoy. Whether you like gambling or not, it’s a unique location that really adds to the overall gameplay and gives you some neat new items and interesting story missions.