Megaclusters - List of Slots with Megaclusters

Megaclusters Slots have an aggregate user rating of 3.1/5 from 2673 votes. ⭐

Megaclusters is an innovative slot mechanic developed by Big Time Gaming that creates amazing winning potential. The mechanic was unveiled in June 2020 with the release of the game Star Clusters, and was met with a great response from players across the web.

“We believe that Megaclusters™ is a quite literally a game changer in the online casino space and we’re delighted that it’s received a great reception from reviewers," says Nick Robinson, CEO of Big Time Gaming. 

How Do Megaclusters Slot Games Work?

Megaclusters slot games begin with a 4x4 set of reels, which expands throughout the game. Whenever a win is created with a sympbol, the symbols will explode into a group of four more symbols. So, with each win, more potential winning ways are created.

If, in your new groups of symbols, more winning ways are created, the Megaclusters will continue to do their thing. So, in a way, it's like cascading reels - except you get more and more potentially ways to win.

With every subsequent win on a specific spin, your bonus metre will also increase. Once you've landed 5 wins in a row, you'll be taken to the free spins bonus - where the reels can expand even further.

In total, you could end up with 256 symbols on the screen at once. So, this means that there are some amazing payouts on offer if you happen to trigger the maximum number of symbos on the reels.