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Sub Symbols - List of Slots with Substitution Symbols

What Are Sub Symbols?

If you’re playing an online slot that has sub symbols, this means that there are regular symbols and smaller symbols can potentially attach themselves to them. When these smaller, sub symbols appear, they will help you claim bonuses and extra features.

The benefit of a slot having sub symbols is that they simply present more ways for you to win. In most games, certain symbols are allocated as bonus symbols – so, when they appear, they take away an opportunity for you to win a prize. However, with sub symbols, the gameplay remains uninterrupted, and any bonuses are truly a special addition.

Example of Sub Symbols

Sub symbols in online slots appear in different contexts, and it is easiest to explain them by providing an example. Monopoly Here & Now is one online slot that features sub symbols. They are smaller “deed” symbols that attach themselves to regular symbols. When three of these symbols land on the same payline, you’ll receive a symbol upgrade.

How Common Are Sub Symbols?

Unfortunately, sub symbols are not very common at all. It is rare that you will find an online slot that offers sub symbols, so when you do encounter one of these games be sure to give it a spin.