Multiplier Wilds

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What Are Multiplier Wilds

Multiplying wilds function like normal wilds, except they have multipliers attached. This multiplies the total win - so, if, for example, a 3-of-a-kind combination normally paid 10X your stake and it was made with a 2X multiplying wild, you’d win 20X insead. If the multiplying wild was a 7X wild, you’d win 70X instead of 10X. Get the idea?

Now, where things can get really interesting is when multiplying wilds interact with one another. Let’s say you have two multiplying wilds - one 5X wild and one 10X wild. They may then combine, making the win worth a whopping 50X the normal amount, as the wilds multiply against one another. We should point out that not all slots with multiplying wilds see the wilds multiplying against one another - some slots add them against one another while others simply count the highest value wild.

What are some slots that have Multiplier Wilds?

Jammin’ Jars is perhaps one of the best examples of a video slot that uses multiplying wilds. While it’s not the conventional kind of video slot you may be used to playing, it is - essentially - classified as a slot. The game offers a win-potential of up to 20,000X your stake - and it’s not hard to see how wins this large can be reached. During both the base-game and the bonus (although during the free games bonus, the wild multipliers stick between spins) the wild symbols carry an increasing multiplier. This begins at 1X, and with each winning combination, it increases by 1X. Now, it’s possible for up to four wild multipliers to be involved with a win - and let’s have a look at this in detail.

Imagine a win is worth, normally, 1X your stake. Let’s say you have three multiplying wilds on the screen - one 2X, one 10X and another 10X. That 1X win, if it involved all three wilds would be multiplied by 200X - turning it into a 200X total win!

Jammin’ Jars isn’t the only slot to have multiplying wilds like this either. NetEnt’s new Dead or Alive 2 also has it - offering players an even more volatile experience than the original slot. What’s really interesting here, is that the famed wildline can be multiplied by up to 243X - and if you get a 3X wild on each reel you’re going to walk away with some monster wins. Indeed, we’ve already seen some players hitting the game’s maximum win of 100,000X stake - and yes, you read that correctly… 100,000X your stake can be won playing Dead or Alive 2!

That’s just a couple of games that include multiplying wilds. Other notable examples available today include Chocolates and Lil’ Devil.