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An Interesting Theme

From the dawn of the very first electronic slot machines, developers have worked tirelessly to create themes that are appealing and engaging. Ancient Egypt has always been a popular option as it can be kept quite simple, yet be beautiful in its execution. It is also a multi-faceted theme, and developers and designers can opt for the more historical angle, focus on the myths and legends, or opt for the more traditional Eye of Horus and pyramid theme that is so commonly used. Ancient Egypt also makes for a great backdrop that is both striking and simple, and you’ll often find that the reels are set atop a scene that depicts the pyramids, hieroglyphics or other instantly recognisable Egyptian artefacts.

In some cases, the games are based on real Egyptian pharaohs or queens, like Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile and Tutankhamun. These games also hold historical appeal and are a great option for players who enjoy combining a little bit of historical know-how with their reel spinning fun.

Theme Enhancements

As the years have passed and technology has progressed, graphics, animations and special effects in slots have also improved dramatically. This has given a new lease on the life to Ancient Egyptian themed slots, as now the games can feature animated symbols, short scenes that add a movie-like atmosphere to game play, and montage sequences that play when a big win is landed. Audio has also improved, lending itself to more sophisticated soundtracks that embody the theme and bring it to life even further.

There are many classic three-reel Egyptian themed slots, but it is the video slots that truly showcase the splendour of this ancient land, and Ramesses Riches, Awhile on the Nile and Leprechaun goes to Egypt are just some of the games that boast glittering graphics that do the theme justice.

Immersive Storylines

Ancient Egypt was one of the many civilisations that shaped the world as we know it today, and it is perhaps the most famous, as the pharaohs lived lavish lifestyles and there were opulent palaces and pyramids galore. This lends itself perfectly to the slots genre, as everyone who plays likes to dream of living large: and what better way to do so in a game filled with gem-covered statues, gold artefacts and glittering sarcophagi? The progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah Isis really make the most of this, and after a few spins, everyone will be imagining themselves living in a large temple, surrounded by piles of gold and fan-waving servants.

Even if a game based on this ancient civilisation doesn’t have a clearly developing and unfolding storyline, it will be engaging in its own right, as the imagery and symbols on the reels all speak for themselves.

Superb Special Features

This theme is also ideal for creating bonus games with features that are unlocked as you progress. Even the simple pick-a-box bonus rounds can be themed to their full potential, and in many games you’ll find yourself whisked away to a second screen where you need to enter a pyramid, plunder a tomb and seek out hidden treasure.

Bonus rounds that see you progress past various stages are also a popular option, and whether that's embarking on a treasure hunt and uncovering hidden artefacts as you go, to opening new doors in tombs to reveal more buried treasure, the possibilities are almost endless.

A Broad Appeal

All in all, Ancient Egypt is a theme that has a very broad appeal, and that makes it a winner with slots developers and land-based and online casinos alike. It is a theme that many people can identify with, it's instantly recognisable, and it conjures up images of riches. All this combined makes it a real winner. And when the theme is incorporated in every way, it makes a game even more appealing.

There are well over a hundred online and land based slot games that boast this theme in one way or another, and from the very simple to the incredibly complex, it works well at every level. Ancient Egypt is a place that those with an adventurous spirit wish they could have explored, that those with an historical interest are fascinated by, and these who just like to step away from real life and back in time love to imagine themselves in.

The theme appeals to so many people in some many ways, and for so many different reasons. It's interesting to note that years later, developers are still creating and releasing new slots that are based on the Ancient Egyptians.