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Roman Empire Slots have an aggregate user rating of 3.3/5 from 2360 votes. ⭐

Strong Characters

The Roman empire makes a popular theme for slot games due to the longevity and the sheer scale of the empire, meaning there are literally hundreds of rulers and characters for game developers to take inspiration from. Of course, rulers such as Julius Caser and Augustus are well known from various books, TV series and films. Their powerful reigns with lavish lifestyles are brought to life now in slot games such Luxury Rome, which shows the extravagant lives of these rulers. They really make an ideal theme for slot games, as they make the game interesting and absorbing.

The other famous figures from the period are of course the Roman gladiators. Well known from movies on the big screen, these fearsome fighters led gruelling lives and battled to the death. Gladiators are fascinating because of their incredible strength and bravery so make perfect characters for a thrilling slot game. Gladiators are featured in games such as Spartacus and Gladiator of Rome.

Impressive Roman Backdrop

The Roman empire provides a stunning backdrop for slot games with its iconic buildings and imposing Roman pillars such as those in the famous Coliseum and forum. These stunning scenes, when featured behind the spinning reels, really make you feel like you are right there in the thick of ancient Rome, making the games both extremely enjoyable and completely engrossing. With impressive materials such as marble and gold, which were favoured by the rich Roman emperors, games with the Roman empire theme are visually appealing as the backgrounds are striking with a rich and luxurious look.


Fans of the Roman empire will be pleased to see recognisable icons from the historic period as symbols on the reels. Everyone will recognise the laurel wreaths which were worn on the Romans’ heads. Swords, daggers and helmets are also featured as well as grapes (we all know the familiar picture of a Roman ruler being fed grapes). Landing these matching symbols can win players coins, prizes, bonus games and free spins and really keep these games entertaining.

If you are a fan of history, strong characters, adventure, power and danger, you are certain to love our selection of Roman empire themed games.