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Slots Temple Tournament Rules

Slots Temple Tournament Rules

These rules are in addition to our Tournament Terms. Slots Temple Tournaments are referred to as “STT” or “Tournaments”. Entrants are referred to as “You” or “Player”.

In order to play STTs you must register an account at

  1. When registering, will perform an age/ID check against Experian’s database. If you are over 18 years (UK) of age and are listed in Experian’s database you will be allowed to register an account. If you are not on Experian’s database or are under 18 (UK), you will not be able to register an account.

  2. Once successfully registered you will need to verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to your inbox after registration.

  3. Once you have successfully registered and verified your email address you can now enter an STT.

  4. In the interest of fairness, multiple accounts per Player are not allowed. If you are found to have multiple accounts, we may suspend all your accounts and you may be declared ineligible for any prizes won when playing with multiple accounts.

  5. You must be logged in in order to play. To start, click the ‘Play Now’ button on the front of an STT card.

  6. Each STT will be live for a fixed time period that is clearly displayed on the front of the tournament card. You can click on the ‘Information’ text on the front of the card to see exactly when each STT started and when it will end.

  7. You can view the prizes available for each STT by either clicking on the ‘Prizes’ text on the front of the tournament card or by visiting our Tournament Results page and clicking on the chosen tournament.

  8. In a Challenge Tournament, each STT length is determined by the number of spins given to each entrant. Each STT has a fixed number of spins, ensuring fairness for all entrants and, hopefully, making each Tournament entry exciting for you. Typically an STT will last for 200 spins (although this may vary).

  9. In a Challenge STT, points are won in three ways:

    • Hitting a win or consecutive wins on the reels of the slot you are playing.

    • Hitting consecutive losses on the reels of the slot you are playing.

    • Hitting a big win multiplier on the reels of the slot you are playing.

  10. In a Risk Tournament, you receive a starting balance with a set number of credits; once your balance goes below 1, the tournament ends. Alternatively, the tournament can also end when you have hit the wagering limit. You can change your bet size throughout the tournament. 

  11. In a Risk Tournament, points are awarded in the following manner:

    • You are awarded points for wins you get on the reels.

    • Every 0.01 you win on the slot gives you 1 point.

    • So, for example, a win of 1.00 will give you 100 points.

  12. For a full explanation of how point-scoring works, visit the Winning Points section of our Tournaments Guide.

  13. For a detailed view of how points are won on a particular tournament you are entering, click on the ‘Information’ text on the front of the tournament card and scroll through the ‘How to Win Points’ section.

  14. You are able to enter each live STT once per day. For example, if there are three STTs live on a particular day you are able to enter each STT once. In the event of a tournament lasting a number of days you can re-enter each day. Only your highest score will count on the leaderboard (i.e. you won’t have three entries on the leaderboard if you enter a single tournament three times, only the highest score will register).

  15. When you enter a tournament, you will automatically be added to that tournament's leaderboard. when you start to spin you'll receive points that will determine your position on the leaderboard. You can view the leaderboard from the following places:

    • 'In Game': Just click on the 'Leaderboard' tab and you can see your position as you play a tournament.

    • The Results Page: track Live and finished tournaments here, your position will be highlighted (if logged in).

    • My Account: Login and visit 'My Account' and go the the 'Tournament Results' section

  16. When the STT ends the leaderboard will be fixed and the positions allocated based on the number of points each entrant finished with (the more points, the higher up the leaderboard you will be).

  17. In the event entrants finish an STT with the same points, positions will be differentiated by the date and time when they started their tournament entry. The 'earliest' entrant will finish in the highest position.

  18. For details of how to claim a prize read our Prize page. You will be notified of your win within seven days of the STT finishing and will be able to claim your prize from this point onwards.

  19. You have 30 days from the time the prize notification email is sent to you to claim your prize. If your prize is not claimed in this time frame the prize will be cancelled and from that point on will be unavailable to you.

  20. Full Terms apply.