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Who are Bunfox?

Bunfox is the creative outlet for the self-styled Game Inventor Geoff Hall, whose Zombie Blackjack has been a huge hit in land-based casinos worldwide. Bunfox is an outlet for a new style of gaming, and Genesis has been proactive in spotting the gap in the market and targeting an audience that isn’t served by conventional games. Instead, Bunfox content combines a classic gambling mechanic with gameplay innovation from popular video games to create some brilliant mobile-first gaming fun.

As Michael Lee, Chief Innovation Officer, says, the challenge lies in “weaving the gambling mechanics into the gameplay so that the overall game didn't feel like a slot game was just lumped onto an existing arcade video game.” Geoff Hall also acknowledges the deep knowledge of the casino game genre and understanding of the player mentality that Genesis Games bring to the table.

This creative take on classic games has given Bunfox a real edge on the competition and seen it innovate in areas where other studios have failed to make a mark. That’s most apparent in its superb blackjack variants, Zombie Blackjack and Lucky Cat Blackjack and is the reason it netted two nominations in the prestigious EGR B2B Awards in 2019 for Innovation in Mobile and Skills Game Supplier.

What this demonstrates above all else is that Bunfox is really hitting the mark with its approach and that it's delivering the innovation and new approach that players are ready for. You won’t find 5 reel slots on offer from Bunfox. Instead, when you open one of its games, you’ll find interactivity, surprising twists and familiar arcade-style play that adds up to some incredibly entertaining and highly playable games.

Bunfox and Genesis

Bunfox and Radi8 Games are new affiliates of the Genesis Group who prefer to keep all their talent in-house. One of the many teams that work under the Genesis umbrella, Bunfox has nevertheless managed to create a separate identity from the parent group with its innovative and disruptive approach to mobile optimised gaming. Initially focused on taking a slice of the lucrative Asian market, Bunfox games are now crossing over to English speaking audiences.

This new division of LA-based Genesis Gaming will benefit from all the expertise of one of the largest and most influential names in casino gaming. The Genesis Group also offers full integration of Bunfox, Radi8 and Genesis Games through its Intelligen casino solution system. This complete management tool allows online casinos to adjust RTP, stage tournaments and offer player bonuses through the back office system.

Genesis has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to game development. This is the company that created the 243 ways to win game mechanic after all. It has provided over 200 land-based games to the industry that maximise revenue and player satisfaction. The development of Bunfox allows Genesis to provide a complete solution for land-based, online, mobile and social gaming that few companies can match.

Why players love Bunfox slots

If you like to play free slots, Bunfox games deliver so much more than conventional slots you'll have experienced before, whether that’s the opportunity to bet together as a community or play in-game missions and unlock achievements. By adding action-packed arcade-style gameplay or modern twists to traditional formats, Bunfox is creating the kind of content that modern players want to see on their handheld devices.

With a wide range of different gameplay features and mechanics at their disposal, underpinned by rock solid RNGs, Bunfox is creating games that players love for their superb graphics and truly diverse gameplay.

What’s on offer for Casino Operators?

If players love Bunfox games for their innovation and inventiveness, there’s plenty for casino operators to relish, too. By creating new game categories, Bunfox enables operators to capture new, high potential market sectors populated by millennials and Gen Xers. This portfolio of fun and familiar classics with a twist is designed to create the kind of buzz that helps any online casino differentiate itself from the competition.

Bunfox has also built in a range of game feature updates that are designed to retain customers by making them eager to come back and see how these unique games have changed and improved.

Challenging the blackjack status quo

If you’re looking for 3, 5 or more reel slots with cool graphics and exciting animations, head for Bunfox stablemate Radi8 games. Bunfox has targeted its disruption of the casino game market at a very different target - blackjack.

With high RTPs and easy to grasp gameplay, blackjack games follow a tried and tested formula that has stuck to the status quo - until now. Through Bunfox, Genesis was able to bring the highly innovative Zombie Blackjack to the online gaming world, a game heralded as the next big thing in table games thanks to its brand new play variation. It’s the brainchild of Geoff Hall, already the creator of Blackjack Switch and Free Bet Blackjack games that use the Push 22 rule.

In Zombie Blackjack that enables players to literally bring a dead hand back to life or have their stakes returned to them. The sounds and visuals deployed by Bunfox create just the right ambience in a game that offers players the chance to create coffin bets that potentially resurrect dead hands. And with an RTP of 99.1% there’s no wonder that this new variant has captured players' imaginations.

Lucky Cat Blackjack pushes the boundaries again, with the Lucky Cat Dice Bonus. This triggers if the dealer hits 22, at which point 4 dice are rolled giving the lucky player the chance to walk away with a 100x payout. It’s a great combination of bonus gameplay in a traditional table game setting to create a highly lucrative hybrid that players love.

Best Bunfox Games

Bunfox currently offers a small but growing portfolio of top-notch games. Each one challenges 5 reel convention and delivers unique and exciting gameplay.

Bubble Fortune takes the classic Bubble Shooter with its highly fun gameplay and then adds a gaming twist - the more bubbles you pop, the bigger the payout. Collectables and other special features allow players to win more play time and there are always new levels and achievements to unlock.

While this is arguably the pick of the bunch, there are plenty more great games to play in the Bunfox library. Flash Track is an innovative and rewarding roulette variant with a screaming soundtrack and plenty of ways to win, including the Flash Flush and Flash Wheels with a superhot 97% RTP.

If you’re seeking more arcade-style action then try Sea Raider. This is definitely aimed at the 98% of 24-32 year-olds who don’t play conventional slots and features boss battles galore with options to power up and discover new weapons and ammo. With additional rewards including pearls and treasure chests, this immersive and fast-paced game is well worth exploring if you like the idea of a good boss battle and the potential to win big prizes.

If you enjoy pick and win bonuses when you play more conventional slots games, Treasure Tombs could be just your style. The screen is filled with treasure chests that hold coins or relics. Collect three of the same kind of relics to enter the forge and see what emerges! Or for something more cerebral try Quiz 7, a creative card game that will test your decision-making skills and intuition, while letting you bet as part of the online community.

What unites all these games is their attention to detail and commitment to immersive sounds and visuals that appeal not just to the target audience but to all players who enjoy games packed with quality and a modern twist on classic casino gameplay.

Get the best out of Bunfox Games

If you want to get the best out of playing Bunfox - or should that be Funbox - games you’ll need your wits about you. These challenging mobile masterpieces are more involving than games of pure chance thanks to the skill element involved. You’ll need the ability to think fast and make snap decisions to get the better of games such as Quiz 7 or Sea Raider to really maximise your payout ratio.

Bunfox games are renowned for their high RTP figures; up to 99.1% for their blackjack variants. To get the best out of playing these high-quality games, set yourself a budget and don’t go over it, however absorbing the gameplay. That way you’ll be able to enjoy a series of spin sessions over time rather than just blowing your bankroll in one go.

Bunfox Slots Fairness and Legitimacy

Bunfox games are available in casinos worldwide and are created in partnership with a highly reputable gaming company. Through Genesis, Bunfox is registered with the UK Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. These are two of the most rigorous regulatory bodies in gaming and exist to ensure that companies licensed by them meet the very highest international standards.

It’s safe to say that if a game studio carries these certifications, their games are both fair and legitimate. Plus having the weight of Genesis behind them means that they have reputational integrity to uphold through their content. Bunfox also uses proven RNGs and offer high RTPs as a mark of their legitimacy.

Bunfox and Mobile Gaming

Like their fellow affiliates Radi8, Bunfox produces content that’s optimised for mobile play. Games are designed to display to their best advantage in portrait mode, with high definition graphics that make the most of an HD, retina or AMOLED screen. Slick and easy to use player interfaces put game controls at your fingertips and make the mobile play experience a breeze.

Bunfox achieves seamless mobile play by using HTML5 technology. The native language of your browser, games developed with this leaner coding can be ready to play super fast by using asynchronous asset loading. This means that only the elements of the game that are required to play are loaded at any given time.

This is clearly a huge advantage over old style slots that required a separate file to be playable on certain operating systems, resulting in overloaded device storage and even compromised security. In-browser games are the quick and convenient way to enjoy your slots, table games and other skill-based gaming on any mobile and tablet device using any operating system.

Why you should be playing Bunfox Games

If you’re looking for something a little more interesting than just another 5 reel slot, Bunfox has you covered. Bunfox creates highly detailed and often really beautiful games that are designed to take mobile gaming to the next level.

These games won’t be for everyone, and if you like an Aristocrat classic Vegas fruity then steer clear. But if you’re willing to try something different with some high RTPs on offer and the chance to challenge your comfort zone, then Bunfox will be a good match for you as a studio of choice.

With highly detailed graphics, immersive soundscapes and a mobile-first ethos, these desirable games are just what the doctor ordered if you’re falling out of love with the more predictable studios. There’s a definite Asian aesthetic on show, with some really well-drawn Manga-style characters and the graphics have a rich texture to them, thanks to the high definition resolution in use.

Highly playable, gorgeous to look at and packed with innovations, you can try Bunfox slots right here at Slots Temple.

Bunfox Slot FAQs

Are Bunfox affiliated with Genesis Gaming?

Yes. Bunfox is a subsidiary of Genesis Gaming - a leading casino developer and a major player in the iGaming industry. Bunfox is, essentially, Genesis Gaming’s in-house game developer, something we’ve seen utilized by other major companies like SoftSwiss (BGAMING) and Microgaming (All41 Studios.)

What are some of their best slots?

Bunfox don’t currently offer a huge number of games, but some of their most popular slots - at the time of writing - include Sea Raider, Treasure Tombs, Bubble Fortune and Flash Track.

Do they make any other games?

Yes. While the vast majority of Bunfox’s portfolio is made up of video slots, they’ve also started to release a variety of other games. Dice Bingo is one of their latest, and this bingo-inspired game combines the old-school bingo theme with cutting-edge, HD graphics, offering players something quite unique and different.

What licenses do Bunfox hold?

Bunfox currently holds three online gambling licenses. These are issued from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, the UK’s Gambling Commission and the Maltese Gaming Authority.

Are their games fair?

Yes. Any game produced by Bunfox undergoes stringent testing to ensure they are fair. This means that the games have billions of spin simulations put through them to make sure they’re sticking to the expected theoretical RTP.