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Based in London, Espresso Games has expanded to offices all over the world in locations like Italy, Spain and Hong Kong. With a genuine global appeal, Espresso Games has been widely recognised and praised for championing innovation in the industry. The company has a strong emphasis on adapting to new trends and directions in the gaming market. The Espresso Games’ in-house platform allows integration with a wide range of businesses and platforms, ranging from bingo rooms, casinos, and social gaming networks. With a flexible approach combining experience with modernity, Espresso Games has been able to adapt to the latest technological and gaming trends and continues to evolve.

Quality Control

The team at Espresso Games is passionate about creating a great gaming experience. Customer satisfaction, fairness, and complete transparency are at the forefront of the company’s commitment. Espresso Games is acutely aware of the high expectations of quality and adherence to regulations and codes of conduct within the industry.

The company is committed to evolving with the market and that includes participating in all levels of player protection measures and controls. Espresso Games is proud to be RNG itech labs certified, meaning that its games have been officially and rigorously certified as random and fair. Players, operators, and all affiliates can champion the games with complete confidence that they are associated with a quality product.

Highly Collaborative

The value of partnerships and collaboration in business is at the heart of the Espresso Games philosophy. Online gaming providers have been consistently impressed by the company’s auxiliary technology provision and system architecture that was specifically designed with cross-product integration in mind. That, in itself, is testament to the firm’s commitment to collaboration, expansion, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Becoming An Industry Leader

The Espresso Games team has a broad range of experience and over 20 years’ experience in the land-based and online gaming industries. In just a few short years, the management of Espresso Games has been able create a vibrant, stylish company committed to a high quality gaming experience, attracting attention from some of the industry’s biggest names. Their emphasis on fairness and integrity is reflected in their adherence to strict quality control measures, and their passion for collaboration is facilitated by a system architecture that easily allows cross-product integration. With innovative solutions and an eclectic roster of gaming titles, Espresso Games is rapidly rising to the very forefront of the online gaming industry.

Espresso Games Slots FAQs

When was Espresso Games founded?

Espresso Games was established back in 2002, making them one of the world’s longest-running iGaming developers.

What’s their deal with Talenta?

In 2015, Espresso Games was acquired by an Italian company called Talenta. Talenta were, themselves, established in 2009 and they started out quickly by developing games for the iGaming industry. However, despite this acquisition, Espresso Games remains operational, and they’re still developing games under their own branding - albeit alongside Talenta.

What games do they make?

In terms of their online gambling offering (they do offer a few machines for land-based casinos and arcades) Espresso Games focus on video slots. They have, however, started releasing a small selection of casino table games and video pokies.

Where are Espresso Games based?

Espresso Games has offices all over the world; they’re headquartered in the UK, but also have offices in Italy, Hong Kong, Colombia, Malta, the USA and Spain.

What are some of their top slots?

The game developer has released a large number of games, and some of their most popular ones include Gernie’s Treasure, Lucky 7, Fruit Trace Deluxe, Poco’s circus and Mad 4 Easter.