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Historical Background

Everi Interactive was created when Global Cash Access, Inc. and Multimedia Games, Inc. merged, combining their many years of gaming experience and bringing new and exciting innovations to the fore.

Both brands were renowned for their incredible casino games and their innovative approach to both land-based and online gaming. Global Cash Access, Inc. had previously been the largest, most trusted cash access supplier, while Multimedia Games, Inc. had firm roots in the bingo sector and had gone on to become a Class II gaming superpower. By joining forces, the two brands created a new entity in the gaming space unlike ever that had existed before.

Creating World Class Games

Everi Interactive has two main objectives. The first is to equip casino operators with free to play, or social, casino games of the highest quality. The second is to build and retain player loyalty in creative and rewarding ways.

Since the brand was established they have been supplying their games to third-party distributors, and they continue to be one of the most popular brands in both the social and real money casino sector. They have created over 200 different slots titles alone, and some of their most revered include Little Shop of Horrors, Power of Anubis, Wolf Tracks, Liberty Jackpots, The Three Little Pigs and Singing In The Rain. As you can see, many of their games are inspired by popular culture, classic movies and even nursery rhymes, and this make them all the more enjoyable and enticing. Plus it gives them more of a universal appeal, as players can instantly identify with the subject matter.

Everi Interactive’s commitment to creating amazing slots and bingo games has paid off, and their focus on both three-reel and video slots ensures that they cater to players of all preferences. They have a wide range of Class II Bingo and Class III casino games, all of which boast amazing graphics, great attention to design and detail and superb visual effects. The brand has also worked hard to incorporate unique special features into their games and always aims to provide a premium playing experience on both desktop and mobile.

The launch of Everi Interactive’s TournEvent slot’s tournament system has also been a major success for the brand, and the system has even won awards. TournEvent was formerly known as Casino Commander but evolved over time to become a server-based system that catered to more than 400 casinos across North America. The slots tournaments can be played on over 20+ different games, and operators can tailor the offerings to suit their audience.

This thoughtful approach to game development and design has made Everi Interactive not just a player favourite but also a favourite with both free and real money casino operators alike.

Real Money and Free Play Success

Following on the success of their real money casino product, the brand’s launch of their full feature social casino product in 2017 gave them the edge over many of their competitors. By launching in the social space, Everi Interactive is able to attract far greater attention and to pull in new players and familiarise them with the brand. Their high-stepper games really are one of a kind, and they have earned a reputation for the world-class entertainment they deliver.

By offering social games they have been able to reach a far bigger audience, as their product is accessible in regions where real money gaming may not be allowed. As laws change and new regulations are introduced, Everi Interactive is there to offer both free and real money gaming to payers who seek out premium entertainment of either kind.

On-the-Go Access

Everi Interactive knows that the world is going mobile and have also focused intently on the Android and iOS gaming market, and since 2017 they have been delivering cross-compatible gaming opportunities to desktop and mobile players.

Their gaming apps have been incredibly popular on the Android platform, and some of their games have hit the 100-million-download mark in a very short period of time. They continue to release new mobile-optimised games on a regular basis, ensuring that smartphone and tablet players always have access to top-class entertainment on the go.

An Ever-Growing Gaming Brand

This developer is always on the lookout for new opportunities, and they have signed numerous deals with other i-gaming brands in an effort to continue their upwards trajectory in a very competitive market.

One of the major brands Everi Interactive has partnered with in the digital space has been Scientific Games, and this has given them even more clout in the i-gaming space. Everi Interactive knows that i-gaming is growing daily and that they need to look at new ways to reach players with their interactive, video and mechanical games. By signing deals with other major brands they are able to put themselves front and centre and make them available to leading operators the world over.

Safe and Secure Gaming Guaranteed

For real money players, Everi Interactive is an excellent choice as they offer some of the highest standards of safety and security during any financial transaction. Operators are provided with all the tools needed to facilitate safe, secure and seamless transactions, and Everi Interactive’s background in cash access ensures that there is no risk of money laundering.

Everi Interactive holds the record for the most cash transactions in the industry and has processed over $25 billion from nearly 100 million transactions in a single year. This is not only indicative of how much money they are able to keep safe - it is also a clear indication of just how much players love their games. The brand’s transparency is also a plus, and they are always open and honest in their dealings.


Everi Slots FAQs

What other products do Everi offer?

Everi offers a huge number of products; aside from their gaming machines (which, by the way, mainly incorporates machines built for land-based casinos). For example, they also offer a range of financial technology solutions and intelligence solutions. These allow online (but again, mainly offline) gambling operators to run their business more efficiently. For example, their financial technology allows casinos to process smooth, hassle-free payments, and their intelligence software allows casinos to track player’s play, reduce the risk of fraud/cheating and ensure that responsible gambling measures are being followed at all times.

Why don’t they make many video slots?

It’s not that Everi don’t make video slots; it’s just that they haven’t really made a huge amount of effort to “port” their games from offline to online.

Are their games fair?

Yes. Like any leading game developer, Everi’s games all undergo independent third-party testing. This must be carried out by a pre-approved testing house, and it ensures that their game’s random number generators are fair, random - and also that the games are sticking to their expected RTPs.

Will their games become more widely available?

Who knows! However, with online gambling becoming more of a “thing” in the USA, it’s highly likely we’ll see them looking to move their games online.

What’s next for Everi?

We’d expect them to continue expanding their land-based casino presence, although we also think they’ll be looking to start claiming a piece of the online gambling pie, too!