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Evolplay Slots - Reviews, Demo Play and Bonus Offers

Key Aims of Evoplay

According to its website, the developer has some key aims when it comes to the games and services it provides. These are:

Playing Experience

The company says that it is committed to offering ‘remarkable uncompromising things’ that will improve gaming experiences and offer the best playing opportunities available. The studio says it is always open to cooperating with other business and offers a wealth of skills to help bring the ideas that customers may have to life.

Mobile Adaptability

As you might expect from an innovative company operating in a revolutionary gaming environment, this studio is fully committed to producing games that are fully tablet and mobile adaptive. The company’s games are designed with adaptability in mind and can recognise the device you are using and tailor the game of your choice accordingly. This means that games from this developer will work seamlessly on all sorts of different devices, including smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Full HD

Evoplay makes online games offering full HD resolution and claims to take video effects and animations to a completely different level. These capabilities set its games apart from many other manufacturers, and this is a developer of choice for many online slots fans who prioritise having an immersive full HD experience.

Recognition for Evoplay

The game developers gained its reputation as a pioneer in the iGaming industry in May of 2019, when Sprinkle, the company’s 3D and virtual reality slot, was named as the top innovation at the Spinnovation Summit in Prague. The summit is dedicated to placing the focus on industry innovation, and an expert panel chose Sprinkle as the Spinnovator of the Year as a result of its ideas, theme and game mechanics.

The makers claim that Sprinkle has responded to demands from a whole generation of players who now require much more innovative and immersive gameplay.

The Spinnovation panel were specifically impressed by the unique gameplay offered by Sprinkle, as well as its 360-degree 3D and virtual reality in-browser capabilities and its mobile-first mechanics.

360-Degree 3D Play from Evoplay

The 360-degree functionality provided by the likes of Sprinkle offers players an opportunity to zoom out and in as well as being able to swipe right and left on mobile devices to easily and automatically change bets.

Alexander Levchenko, the company’s CEO, said that this sort of technology was indicative of the sort of things that are now available for studios to harness in order to satisfy the next generation, which wants new approaches to iGaming.

Levchenko says that he believes that the future of online slots is in creating gaming experiences which respond to behaviour patterns of the people who want to play them. He says that the company will continue to work with this idea at the forefront and continue to kick-start the industry and ensure that slots become more immersive than ever.

The History of Evoplay Entertainment

Evoplay was founded in 2003 and the evo in the name stands for evolution, immediately setting out what the developer places at the forefront of its work. It is a major developer offering integrated solutions and products within the gaming industry.

A lot of its work has a B2B focus, something which has grown in popularity and prosperity since a group of entrepreneurs decided to join forces in the early noughties to form The Evoplay Entertainment Company.

The firm started out with a mandate to create online games, but it has since broadened its offerings. A number of partnerships and mergers has led to it becoming an international conglomerate with a range of handling functions. These include:

Gambling mathematics solutions
Gaming and games
Payment providers
Multi-platform CMS
User retention and support
Finance and analytics
Traffic management

Entertainment Products from Evoplay

The company leaves very little to chance when it comes to its entertainment products, demonstrating a huge attention to detail and commitment to providing exactly what the players want. This applies whether it is focusing on design, promotion, implementation or support.

At the heart of this is the company’s game development division, which is where it all began in the early part of the 2000s. Here there is a focus on successfully combining creativity with innovative technologies, and the creative process generally starts with a mock-up of how the makers want a product to look in the end. It is important to this developer that games stay true to their player-centric aims and ambitions and do not lose their appeal in a pursuit of innovation for the sake of it. This is why Evoplay claims that its makers are ever mindful of making use of the best and newest technological solutions without losing the creativity that can make some online slots so special.

The Company’s Robust Platform

Evoplay has worked hard to create an entertainment platform that will be compatible and operate smoothly with all sorts of software and third-party vendors. The company has achieved this and offers a platform that can handle very high loads, coping with large volumes of traffic with no fear of crashing or slowing and continuing to perform very complex mathematical calculations.

At the centre of this platform is a technical modular build which allows critical components to interlock. These components include the core of the platform, the system bus that relays messages between modules and the modules themselves. These include the content management panel, business intelligence, anti-fraud, partner programme support, financial operations, content management, statistics and user management.

Payment Processing from Evoplay

One of the pies that this company has its fingers in is payment processing, and it has a bespoke billing platform that casino operators use to manage finances in a single location. The billing platform allows operators to manage output, input and account transfers, as well as benefit from detailed analytics showing how their business is performing.

Evoplay Entertainment Slots

While there are obviously many strings to this company’s bow, you may be most interested in its slots and games. There is no doubt that this firm offers some of the best experiences in the business, delivering the sort of exquisite graphics and seamless gameplay that you may never have thought possible from an online slot. In fact, some games make you feel like you will need a console controller to make them operate, when in fact they are fully compatible with your mobile and tablet.

One of the prime examples of this is the Battle Tanks game. This places you, the player, in a war-ravaged abandoned city. Prepare for a fight to the death that will certainly get the adrenalin flowing. This sort of exciting experience, fuelled by world-class graphics, dynamic music and remarkable animation, is way beyond what you might expect from an online gambling game experience.

There are many things that set games such as this apart from the rest, not least the background detail on offer. Battle Tanks, for example, may be a five-reel slot, but its appeal lies just as much in its mesmerising design with lashing rain and orchestral moody score as it does in the gameplay itself.

There are plenty of other Evoplay slots that also demonstrate such an attention to detail and innovative approach, ensuring that this maker could never be accused of being a one-trick pony. These include Dolphins Treasure, offering a Disney-style adventure, and Sinbad, which transports you to the world of one of the most fearless and famous sailors ever.

Other Slot Games from Evoplay Entertainment

There are games from Evoplay that will fulfil all sorts of your thematic requirements. These include Ace Round, Aeronauts, Atlantis, Basketball, Brutal Santa, Candy Dreams, Charming Queens, Chinese New Year, Clash of Pirates, Egypt Gods, Elven Princesses, Football, Indiana’s Quest, Legends of Ra, Naughty Girls Cabaret, Robin Hood, Robinson and Vegas Nights. As you can see, there is no shortage of variety on offer from the Evoplay portfolio.

Here is a look at a few of the titles in a little more detail.

Vegas Nights

This is a five-reel slot that takes you to the famous Las Vegas Strip, which is filled with random multipliers, free spins, scatters and wild substitutions. There are plenty of animations on offer and more than enough action to keep its nine payline sparkling. Bets start at just 0.09 per spin but can go up to a massive 1800.00 if you’re a fan of high-rolling action.

Brutal Santa

This is a real antidote to the usual festive slot filled with happy elves and smiling children. Demonstrating once again the innovativeness and creativeness so often displayed by this studio, Brutal Santa features a Hell’s Angel-style Santa, complete with motorbike. There is no shortage of gifts in his sack, however, as the game features a bevy of free spins, standard wins and respins. These are all complemented by the added presents that come in the form of fun animations and plenty of unique festive cheer.

The action is set on a 3x3 grid amidst a cosy, festive room. The unusual aspect, however, is that Santa has just burst through the wall on the back of his gleaming motorbike. Who knew Santa had quite so many tattoos?

This is another great game that is more than worthy of taking its place in a stable already inhabited by the likes of Red Cliff, Battle Tanks and Egypt Gods.

Legends of Ra

This offers yet another immersive experience from Evoplay, this time centred on an Egyptian adventure. Follow the stone ties in a bid to discover a 10,000 jackpot or make the most of a bevy of bonus icons and scatters. This game is a feature-packed journey amidst ancient curses and lost relics, but do you have what it takes to avoid the anger of the gods? Give it a go and find out now.


Evoplay Slot FAQs

Where are Evoplay based?

Evoplay - like many online gambling companies - are based in Malta.

What is their “Bespoke Games” service about?

Evoplay offers a bespoke game development service. This can be used by smaller game studios and online casinos who want to make their own games - but who don’t have the time or the skills to do so.

Which online gambling licenses do they hold?

They currently hold an online gambling license from the Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA). There are also rumours that they’re looking to apply for a license from the UK’s Gambling Commission, as this will enable them to offer their games to UK-based players.

Are they a legitimate company?

Yes. While Evoplay aren’t one of the biggest names in the iGaming industry, they’re perfectly legit - and they have a strong track record for producing high-quality, fair games.

What are some of Evoplay’s top slots?

This, as always, is all subjective; however, we’d say that Rise of Horus, Animal Quest, Midnight Show and Rocket Stars are some of their best games. They all carry great win-potential, they all look fantastic and they’re also all developed in HTML5.