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The Brisbane-based company have been around since 1997, so they are fairly well established, but in recent years their popularity has grown considerably. Today they have produced over 100 online slot games, including very well-known games such as Sugar Train and Fluffy Favourites. Their games are very varied, so there are traditional games as well as modern games, and there are also a few unique quirky games that stand out.

While Eyecon are best known for creating a wide variety of slot games, that isn’t all that they do. The company makes both slot games and scratch card games for online casino and bingo sites, so they have a wide range of games to suit every player. Eyecon are definitely trying to dominate the online gambling market, and it seems that they are currently succeeding.

The company also produce slot games for land based casinos, so you can either play the games online or in a local casino that works with Eyecon. On top of that, Eyecon also offer live gaming events, custom game development and intergration projects that include working with television. Finally they also arrange LAN and internet multiplayer immersive games and online casino management systems, so they really are covering every single part of the online gambling market!

This is great for players as it means that Eyecon is a trustworthy brand that is fully regulated. You never need to worry that the variance rates will be off, or that you will get scammed, and this is very reassuring for players who have never played an Eyecon game before.

Gaming Platforms

Eyecon also provide a range of different gaming platforms, including F.I.R.E, Cootha, Maroon and Toohey. F.I.R.E offers progressive jackpots, casino games and live gaming events for online regulated casinos, Maroon offers online gaming platforms that include payment processing, Toohey offers a sport simulation engine that allows players to place in game bets, and Cootha is a land-based gaming engine that can provide third party slots.

This shows how well established Eyecon are in the gaming industry, as they cover many different aspects of online and land-based gambling. They also have a few strategic partnerships with other game developers, including gaming giant Playtech.


Eyecon aim to provide excellent games that have high quality graphics and animation. They were initially a computer game company, but in 1999 they moved towards gambling games with their first release, the Temple of Isis. The game was released in 2003 and it was fairly successful, and two years later they released Fluffy Favourites, which to this day is still one of their most successful slots.

Today Eyecon offer over 100 online games, including light-hearted fun games and more intense, action packed games.