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Reza Malik, a dynamic Gibraltar resident and experienced software engineer, founded Fair Game Studios as a private company in 2015. Malik is active on the small business and business startup scene in his country of residence and Fair Game Studio gives back to the community by sponsoring a local Meetup group for entrepreneurs at various stages of creating or running a small business.

Products And Services

Fair Game Studio’s designers utilise HTML5 when developing, designing and producing games that are innovative, visually appealing and guaranteed to provide a satisfying gaming experience for players of all levels to enjoy.

Being so new to the online game scene means Fair Game does not have a huge catalogue of products as yet, but Fortune Fish is definitely one of its most popular games. This 25-payline slot is a great example of the innovative, groundbreaking design the company is going to be known for at some point in the future.

Forget the spinning reels; instead, you will see a variety of appealing cartoon-like sea creatures swimming around the grid. As with most online slots, Fortune Fish can be customised in several ways to maximise your player experience and can be accessed either as a free slot game or for a financial stake.


Sometimes a new or very small game development business can struggle to become known, facing the eternal conundrum of needing users to gain a reputation and expand but being unable to source these users due to being new to the scene.

Fair Game Studio has found a way round this dilemma by utilising Odobo’s gaming platform. In practice this means Fair Game can distribute its games to a wide audience throughout Odobo’s network, allowing potential new users the chance to access and play them at various casino sites.

This opportunity is a lifeline to smaller and startup game developers, which need support to become known until they become more than established names.

Player Protection

As Fair Game Studio distributes its games via Odobo’s network, every game released is subject to the strict measures Odobo has in place to make sure both national and global gambling rules, which exist to protect the players, are clearly enforced.

Mobile Device Friendly

As all games produced by Fair Game Studio are developed with HTML5 software, they can be played on a variety of mobile devices in addition to desktops and laptops. This is great for tablet and smartphone users, whether they are playing on Android or iOS systems. Overall this means that however the player accesses Fair Game products, they will enjoy the same high-quality experience and sharp graphics and not have to feel that mobile game play is more of a second thought than an actual market

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