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With the motto “future of gaming”, Fuga had a passion for providing gamers with innovative games that showcase the latest gaming features. Since partnering with Odobo gaming in 2014, they launched a number of games on HTML5 for play on both mobile and desktop devices.

Fuga's Most Popular Games

Bat Family and 3 Elements were the first two games to be launched by Fuga, and they’ve definitely captured a wide range of interests within these titles. Based on novelty horror genres and with adventure at their heart, they offer a great range of features and 3D graphics that will enthral even the most experienced of players.

For example, in 3 Elements, the bonus round offers players the chance to take part in one of three different free spin rounds, with a special glowing skull adding to the mystery and intrigue. Then, there’s Bat Family, which revolves around the story of Count Dracula but takes a humorous approach to it. With free spins available, a pick-me style bonus game and some characters that apply random multipliers to wins, there are hours of fun to be had. Equally, both of these games can be enjoyed across various devices, with touchscreen controls introduced by Odobo for mobile and tablet devices.

Fuga’s games tend to consist of novelty, historical and geographical settings with character-based themes that help to create a sense of adventure and a story that gamers can follow. In addition, all of their games incorporate unique bonuses and features that help to keep a player on their toes, discovering intriguing features around every corner.

What’s clear is that Fuga has an abundance of land-based games that can be transformed into online slots games that many players will love. With the possibility of every spin providing you with the chance to win big through progressive jackpots, they’ll suit everyone from low- to high-rollers.

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