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A leader in innovation, iGaming2go has created a niche for itself in a rapidly growing market and has certainly caught the attention of players and operators alike. Customer service and satisfaction are of paramount importance to the brand, which offers an all-round excellent playing experience and a smooth and seamless integration with existing online casino platforms.

Top-Rated Service

With an emphasis on creating world-class mobile casino games, iGaming2go offers services such as creating games in specific languages by request. Many of its titles are already available in several languages and if one is not available in the required language, it will be made available in a matter of a few days.

Its games can all be played for real money or for fun and are designed to perform at their optimum regardless of whether a player has made a deposit. The same phenomenal features and slick, sophisticated gameplay will be enjoyed in both free play and real money mode and quality is never compromised.

Range Of Games

iGaming2go offers a diverse selection of games that are designed to please all players. Along with creative slots titles such as Big Tasty, Hot Fruits and the Egyptian-themed Anubix, there are also casino-style games such as Magic Poker, Blackjack and Royal Roulette.

Each game boasts vivid graphics, brilliant sound effects and sleek, smooth animations. Games are designed to appeal to players of all preferences and have been tailored specifically to run on mobile software. A top-tier gaming experience is always delivered and the selection of available titles keeps on growing.

Designed For Easy Integration

iGaming2go’s games are all built using HTML5 and its high-quality casino games can be distributed by any channel, including smartphone or mobile. Thanks to the robust and versatile features of HTML5, there are no platform limitations and every game performs in the intended way at all times.

The brand provides online and mobile casino operators with a white label product that is designed for easy integration. By dovetailing seamlessly into an existing offering, operators can offer players an expanded variety of games that run smoothly on their mobile without having to increase their own development costs.

Real-Time Play

When players opt to try iGaming2go games on their mobile, the operator platform will forward the request to the brand. The request will then be validated and players can start having fun. All information during the game, such as winning balance and available credit, is updated in real time and players enjoy a gaming experience that is absolutely flawless.

Back-end communication with iGaming2go is completed via the messaging protocol Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and does not affect the player’s gaming in any way.

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