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JTG Slots - Reviews, Demo Play and Bonus Offers

Japan Technicals Games (JTG) Slots have an aggregate user rating of 3.4/5 from 51 votes. ⭐

Despite their young age, JTG have left their mark already - and their selection of high-quality games, packed with bonuses (and big win-potential) have left many players wanting to learn more about the game developer - and to actually play their games.

Games Built For ALL Players

At the time of writing, JTG have released just six games - these are all video slots. You’ll notice that most of the developer’s games are built around a 3X3 layout. In the Far East, the whole ‘5-reel, 3-row’ slot format hasn’t caught on as much - but JTG are testament that slots can be built around a more classic, retro style - and still be highly enjoyable.

Hawaiian Dream is one of JTG’s most successful releases, and like many of their games it features a unique re-spins mechanism. During the base-game, re-spins can continue indefinitely - with a big win guaranteed after three re-spins in a row. A colourful, dynamic background ensures the aesthetics of the game matches the fast-paced action - and there’s also a free-spins bonus for players to look forward to.

Dreams of Gold is another popular release from JTG. Set in a mountainous region of China, the game centres around three frogs. If, during gameplay, these frogs light up, a unique RUSH feature is triggered, guaranteeing a 3-of-a-kind payout of one of the top symbols.

JTG Software Review

One of the main problems with newer, smaller game studios is that their games just don’t look the part. We see this time and time again - new developers thinking they can cash-in on the multi billion-pound iGaming industry by releasing some generic, poor-quality slots.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case with JTG. All of their games (even their early ones) are built with the user’s experience in mind, and they look absolutely amazing. The graphics are some of the best we’ve seen, slick audio soundtracks accompany every spin, and the bonuses and features are incredibly creative.

The software itself is also really well-made. While playing their slots to write this review, we encountered no lag. The game’s run smoothly too, and there’s no glitching between spins. For a new developer (and one that targets Asian markets, at that) we really can’t fault JTG - it’s clear they know what they’re doing, and their games are extremely versatile and well-designed.

JTG’s Mobile Gaming

Following on from the above, we also wanted to take a look at how JTG’s slots ran on mobile devices. We were pleased to find all the developer’s slots are built using HTML5 technology. This allows them to be played on mobile devices - without needing to download additional software, plugins or apps.

Their games also run incredibly well on mobile devices, with little-to-no lag or freezing. They also tend to use a relatively small amount of CPU. This prevents your device from getting too hot (we’re looking at you NetEnt) and ensures things don’t start crashing.

One thing to bear in mind; if you’re wanting to play JTG’s slots on your mobile devices, you’ll probably want to keep your device in portrait mode. This is unusual, as most game developers built their mobile slots to be played in landscape mode. JTG, however, have designed most of their games around a 3X3 format, and this doesn’t translate too well when playing in landscape.

JTG’s Background and History

JTG’s online story began in 2018 when they registered their company in Hong Kong. They were, however, already well-versed in the gaming industry, having built pachinko and pachi slots for many years to accommodate the growing land-based gambling industry in Japan.

JTG aims to bring traditional Japanese culture into the iGaming world - and while some of their slots aren’t built around this theme, most do - and it’s clear they’re passionate about bringing the Far East closer to the West.

It’s still early days for the developer, and their market reach is still relatively small. That’s why they partnered up with Golden Hero (part of the Solid Gaming group) to help their slots become accessible to players outside of Asia.

We can’t predict the future here at Slots Temple, but given what we’ve seen of JTG so far - we think the company will see rapid growth. All of their games are fun-to-play and are packed with exciting bonuses - so there’s plenty to get excited about playing their slots!


What’s JTG’s best slot?

This is a subjective question - and what YOU like is probably different from what WE like. However, from what we’ve seen we’d have to say Dreams of Gold. The game is incredibly well-made and there’s so many bonus features there’s never a dull moment!

Where to play JTG slots?

You can play all of JTG’s slots for free right here at Slots Temple. You don’t need an account to play - just choose which of their games you’d like to play, and start spinning the reels!

Are JTG slots fair?

Yes. JTG’s partnership with Golden Hero allowed their games to get licensed - and in order to receive an operating license, they all need to undergo stringent testing. This ensures the games run at their expected RTP and makes sure there are no “back doors” or hidden glitches.

Where are JTG based?

JTG are a Japanese company, and they continue to build pachi slots from their Japanese hub. However, their online gambling operations are run from China, in Hong Kong.