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Thunderspin Slots - Reviews, Demo Play and Bonus Offers

ThunderSpin may seem to have come from nowhere, but it’s actually the brainchild of Boss Gaming. That’s a company that’s been creating casino platforms for quite a few years now, so it’s fair to say it knows its market. ThunderSpin was created to provide a new breed of slots games for an online audience, with the emphasis on keeping players coming back for more. That means engaging graphics, fun animations, captivating themes and some very complicated maths! So the software developer relies on a forward-thinking team of specialists in their fields, who all work together to produce some astonishing results.

The Best ThunderSpin Slots

It’s hard to pin down any favourite games from ThunderSpin as they’re all so different from each other, but we found the following collection particularly entertaining, so they’re a good place to start.

Gold Sea

It’s just possible that the charming Gold Sea slot will do for the underwater world what Starburst has done for space-themed slots. A gentle and relaxing synthesised soundtrack accompanies the gentle bubbles that float on the game grid. Shafts of sunlight break through the waters as fish swim past. The symbols on the reels include a fun collection of puffer fish, starfish and hermit crabs.

This is a low-volatility game, so even players with modest gaming budgets can take it for a spin. And there’s lots to discover, including Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Multipliers and a Bonus Pick game.

Atomic Mushrooms

The aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse is a strange premise for an online slots game, but ThunderSpin dare to tread where no other developer will venture! They’ve imagined a crazy world in which mushrooms have mutated in sentient beings. A crazy caterpillar-like creature flops around to the left of the reels in an encouraging way as you attempt to match up insane-looking fungi. There are Free Spins and Multipliers to boost your prize payouts, and there’s a fun bonus game in which you have to uncover the mushroom cloud to win a big cash prize.

Animal Steam

Steampunk is huge amongst science-fiction and cosplay fans. It’s a genre based on the premise that steam power in the Victorian era might have spawned an alternative technology. Animal Steam runs with the steampunk theme but replaces humans with some cute animal characters. There’s a cat dressed like Sherlock Holmes and a heroic mouse wearing aviator goggles. There’s even an owl in a suit and top hat - it’s just that kind of a game! If you’ve ever wanted to know what the world would look like if it were run by animals, this game makes a great starting point.


Calipso is said to be a beautiful Greek goddess who distracted Odysseus from returning home after the Trojan War. He escaped from her eventually, having turned down her offer of immortality, little realising that this would one day be immortalised in an online slots game. But rest assured that this is far from being a highbrow title. Calipso is depicted as a cartoon mermaid guarding some treasure caskets. She’s joined in her underwater palace by a collection of underwater characters, all waiting to guide you toward the Free Spins bonus round. Collect pearl Scatters during Free Spins to win extra spins and big cash multipliers, too. It’s all very cute and cheerful, although it bears little resemblance to the story that inspired the game.

ThunderSpin Slot Features

Whether you’re looking for slots with multipliers, free spins or other potentially lucrative bonus features, you’ll find them in a ThunderSpin slot. You won’t find the same game produced over and over again but with different symbols each time. Instead, ThunderSpin creates games from the ground up, deliberating over every feature to make sure it chimes with the game’s overall theme.

ThunderSpin Awards and Accolades

It’s a little too soon in ThunderSpin’s gaming journey for any awards yet. But as the recent collaboration with BetConstruct has shown, there’s a lot of interest in this developer’s slots games. We think it can only be a matter of time before the nominations and awards start rolling in.

ThunderSpin Slots Themes

The game developers and designers at ThunderSpin were tasked with thinking outside the box when coming up with new game ideas. It’s an idea they really took on board as they continue to turn out incredibly strange games based on unlikely themes.

We’ve all seen plenty of animal themed slots game, but snails running amok in the Wild West? Or how about Victorian-era animals living in a Dickensian cityscape? The aim is to create something for every type of slots fan, so you’ll find Ancient Egypt, World Cup football and the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse cropping us as suitable game subjects.


FAQs About ThunderSpin

Does ThunderSpin slots have free spins?

Most ThunderSpin slots include a Free Spins Bonus round, and every game includes at least one bonus feature because it’s something that players really enjoy.

Can I play free ThunderSpin slots online?

We’ve got a brilliant selection of ThunderSpin slots games that can all be played completely free right here at Slots Temple. Try them all to discover which are your favourites, and get to know them before risking any of your own cash at an online casino.

What are the most common ThunderSpin bonuses in slots?

Most ThunderSpin games include a Free Spins round, and many of them include an extra bonus feature, too. Multipliers, Pick Bonus games and other fun features ensure that players never get bored when playing a Thunderspin slot.

Is ThunderSpin a reputable slot developer?

All ThunderSpin games undergo independent testing by iTechLabs to ensure they comply with industry standards.