Nintendo has recently announced its plans to discontinue the online gaming service for the Wii and DS.

Players may not miss being able to play games like Mario Kart online, but industry professionals feel that Nintendo could make an impact by turning some of its most popular titles into mobile games like Candy Crush.

No More Nintendo Consoles?

One of the reasons why industry experts feel that Nintendo is better suited to create mobile games is because it would mean that the company would no longer have to create hardware. The makers of Flappy Bird and Candy Crush had nothing to do with the creation of the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S4. These developers simply focused on creating software for these devices.

It is believed that Nintendo could benefit from this approach, since its latest console has been considered a flop. Nintendo has proven that it can create innovative games that capture the attention of players and keep them coming back for more. Nintendo titles often spawn series and sequels, which is ideal for mobile and social gaming platforms.

The company’s recent hardware release, the WiiU, has been less impressive. So, it has been recommended that Nintendo sticks to what it does best.

Nintendo Titles That Would Make Great Mobile Games

While we are seeing more and more longform games on mobile devices, it may be best for Nintendo to stick with short, snappy games. Of course, we’d all love to see Super Mario World on mobile, but it may be best for the company to release some mobile games that feature short rounds and continuous gameplay.

Bob-omb Squad, released for the DS in 2004, would be a great social game. It has a similar type of gameplay to Angry Birds, in which you use a slingshot to hurl cannons at bob-ombs. There is certainly infinite replay value in a title like this.

Mario Kart would also be a hit for mobile. Racing games are also great fun, as users can tilt the screen to control their cars, and the same gameplay would be put to use in a social games version of Mario Kart.

Players would enjoy being able to compete with their friends online, and it would be an ideal platform for online gaming since Nintendo will no longer allow online gameplay for the DS and Wii.

How Would Players Respond?

As Nintendo fans, the Slots Temple team believe that players would respond well. There may be some purists who would rather play Nintendo games on Nintendo consoles, but they would warm up to the easily accessible nature of social games in the mobile marketplace.

Imagine being able to play Nintendo social games without the expense of purchasing a WiiU or a 3DS. It would be a beautiful thing!