The mobile technology market is rapidly growing and advancing, so it is difficult to keep up with the newest and best tablets on the market. Tablets are primarily used for gaming, and manufacturers are introducing new and exciting features that will entice gamers in 2013.

Sony S Tablet

Sony’s latest mobile products are heavily focused on gaming. It’s Xperia brand offers high-quality graphics and a great selection of games.

The tablet features an ergonomic design so that using it for extended periods of time is comfortable. When you lay the S tablet on a table, it is slightly slanted, reducing glare and making it easier to use on a tabletop.

As a Playstation-certified device, the Sony S tablet offers exclusive games that you can only access on Sony devices. If you enjoying gaming beyond on the online casino market, this is certainly a great choice for you. This tablet runs for about $299.

Nexus 7

With a screen size of 7 inches, the Nexus 7 is one of the smaller tablets available on the market. If you’re looking for something completely portable, this is your best option. Even with a small screen, the tablet offers up great graphics and a smooth gaming experience.

However, you may run into some resolution issues with some titles due to the device having a smaller screen than many tablet gaming developers are used to designing for. This device costs about $199.

Galaxy Note 10.1

The Galaxy Note 10.1 is considered the best gaming tablet from Samsung. It offers a big enough screen to make gaming comfortable but is small enough to be ultra-portable.

Newer versions of the tablet run on Android 4.1, making for faster, smoother gaming. This is one of the more expensive tablets on the list, costing about $450.

iPad 3

The iPad started the tablet gaming trend, and it continues to the thrive in the market. At $600, it is the most expensive option for tablet computers, but it is certainly an impressive mobile gaming device. You will also find a wider range of mobile games for iOS devices.

Even though Android development is improving, Samsung and Sony users normally have to wait longer before apps are available to them.

If you don’t have $600 just lying around, the iPad 2 is still a great choice for mobile gaming. The display is not as crisp at the iPad 3, but it is still a capable device for running your favourite online slots and poker games.