This month, PlayTech has launched its new Ace Venture: Pet Detective online slots game at online casinos. The game is being touted as a ‘Premium Slot’, and we want to weigh in on its quality with an in-depth and unbiased review.


PlayTech’s Ace Ventura: Pet Detective online slot is based on the Jim Carey comedy movie of the same name. In case you haven’t seen the film, Carey plays a private investigator in Miami, Florida who specialises in tracking down animals. He is tasked with retrieving Snowflake, the mascot for the Miami Dolphins, who had been kidnapped weeks before.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is one of Carey’s best-known films, and continues to be a cult classic. PlayTech has done a great job of bringing the film to life in a new way.

With quirky, vibrant graphics that depict scenes from the movie, any Ace Ventura fan will enjoy spinning the reels on this game. Even if you’ve never seen the film, you will still have a great time playing this slot.


In Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, there is a 243 Ways to Win format. As such, players do not wager individually on each payline; they just place one wager on the entire set of reels. Players can choose between coin values worth between 1c and 40c, which are then multiplied by 40 and applied to the wager. This offers players a betting range between 40c and $16, which is perfect for players who are on a budget. If you’re a high roller, you may want a game with a higher maximum bet.

Collecting Animal Modifier Symbols

During the base game, players can collect animal modifier symbols, which will influence their free spins game. Players collect dolphins, elephants, shalrks, bats, gorillas and pigeons when these symbols appear on reel five. Players can have up to three modifiers stored at once. When the Free Spins round is triggered, the corresponding modifier for each symbol is applied to the bonus round.

Free Spins

When three bonus symbol appear on the reels, the player will receive 7 free spins. The modifiers are then applied:

  • Shark: awards extra free spins
  • Elephant: expanded reels for a 1024 Ways to Win Format
  • Gorilla: upgrades low-paying symbol to high-paying symbols
  • Bat: adds random wilds to the reels
  • Pigeon: adds a wild multiplier to reel three
  • Dolphin: adds a mystery multiplier to any wins during the free spins round

Up to three modifiers can be combined for huge winning potential. This is a great bonus feature that we haven’t seen before in an online slots game, and it is certainly worth try.

Our Verdict

We don’t actually have a bad thing to say about PlayTech’s New Ace Venture online slots game. It has a fun theme, impressive graphics and a truly unique bonus round.

Our only gripe is that high rollers may want a game on which the can place riskier bets – but, most players will enjoy spinning