Microgaming is a leader in branded online slots development. The company has worked hard to create some of the most popular and innovative online slots games, based on movies, television shows and video games.

It has been at least two years since Microgaming released its Lord of the Rings branded slots game – but the wait has been worth it.

The company’s new Battlestar Galactic online slots will more than make up for the lack of branded titles since 2010.

243 Ways to Win

This type of slots game allows players to wager on the entire game screen, rather than betting on individual paylines. This triggers all 243 different ways of winning each time you spin the reels. It is a popular format for modern online slots games, and it can benefit players who have bankrolls to support this type of play.

A single spin on this type of game can run anywhere from $20 to $50, so if you have a modest gaming budget, you may want to opt for a game that offers paylines.

Multiple Game Modes

It is not often that an online slots game gives players very much choice when it comes to gameplay. Normally, players are presented with a particular format and a few bonus features - and that’s it for the entire duration of the game.

However, Battlestar Galactica online slots gives players much more freedom, offering up three game modes: Normal, Run and Fight.

Even in Normal mode, Battlestar Galactica provides players with a rich experience, complete with stacked wilds and a generous free spin round. Run mode, which is triggered randomly, pays wins out from left to right and right to left while providing mystery bonus symbols.

Flight mode offers up new wild symbol capability. Players can change any symbol into a wild symbol and even split them for increased cash prizes.

Experience and Rank

Battlestar Galactica online slots from Microgaming aims to provide an arcade-style experience for players. Players can level up just like they would in any other kind of video game by spinning the reels and earning experience. While this seems to be an exciting and immersive feature, the rewards that it offers are not particular impressive.

As players climb the ranks, they do not increase their winning potential. Instead, they unlock footage and other media. It’s nothing that you couldn’t get from a trip to YouTube.

So, if you’re looking for something new and innovative in the online slots world, Battlestar Galactica online slots is certainly your starting point. There are a few drawbacks but the overall experience is quite engaging – whether or not you’re a fan of the television series.