Mobile technology is taking over the gaming world. With thousands of gaming apps available on Android and Apple devices, mobile users no longer require handheld video game consoles and computers – or do they?

Smartphone and tablet capability

While smartphones and tablet computers are become increasingly capable of supporting high-quality games, they are still limited. If you are interested in playing the kind of 3D video games that are available on consoles like the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation, you will have to invest in a console or a gaming computer.

As it stands, mobile devices are best suited for Flash-based arcade games like Angry Birds. Developers are pushing the envelope, however, and you will find increasingly sophisticated games in the mobile gaming marketplace.

Titles like Clash of the Clans and Infinity Blade present graphics that rival PC games, and they are available for a small fee from mobile marketplaces.

What does this mean for casinos?

Online slots and other online casino games will always be the kinds of titles that require very little power from the device on which they operate. This makes gambling an ideal application for mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. While online casino developers are currently working hard to take advantage of the mobile technology that is available to them, there is still a long way to go.

For example, Microgaming has only just released its first high-quality mobile slots game: Immortal Romance. The game comes equipped with realistic graphics, 3D animation and unique bonus games.

Prior to this, mobile slots were based on classic, simple slot machines. It is only recently that developers have been able to launch mobile applications that offer the same quality as computer casino games.

It will be a while before mobile gaming replaces video game consoles and online casinos. So, don’t worry about having to buy a tablet any time soon because there is still plenty of time before computer-based apps are replaced by mobile games.

What does the future of mobile gambling look like?

According to Forbes, gambling games are the next big trend for the mobile market. Financial analysts predict that there will be a decline in the number of casual gamers. Social gaming giant Zynga has already experienced a lull in its social gaming activity, and has decided to venture into the mobile gambling market.

If this is any indication of what is to come, we will see plenty more developers taking the same leap. The adoption of online gambling legislation will also lead to more opportunities for mobile slots and other casino games.

In regulated markets like Italy and England, dozens of mobile casino games have been licensed.

As more countries legalise online gambling, more mobile apps will become available.