Microgaming is always launching new online slots games, and you can always count on this developer to come out with exciting new titles on a regular basis.

This month, Microgaming has launched two teaser trailers for upcoming online slots – and, we’re here to give you a sneak peek of the games.

Rugby Star

If Rugby Star look a little bit familiar, that’s entirely intentional. Microgaming has based its latest online slots game on the existing Football Star title. From the art style to the gameplay, Rugby Star is very reminiscent of Microgaming’s popular Football Star slot. It is a 243 Ways to Win Game, so there are no paylines. Players place one wager on the reels to access all potential winning combinations.

This type of format is proven to be very popular among online slots players, as it allows them to get more bang for their buck each time they spin the reels.

There are also some great bonus features available. The Wild Pass Feature turns entire reels wild to boost players’ chances of hitting winning combinations.

Players can also trigger Free Spins when three or more scatter symbol appear on the reels.

Lucky Zodiac

Lucky Zodiac is an online slots game with an Oriental theme. Symbols feature fans, lotus flowers, firecrackers and various other motifs that convey luck and good fortune. It is a 20-payline online slots game that offers players plenty of different betting options. There is also a generous random multiplier bonus, which helps players to increase their overall winnings as they spin the reels.

With a fairly simple format, Lucky Zodiac should appeal more to classic slots fans. We imagine that more modern gamers would prefer a title with more bonus features. Microgaming is very excited about the launch of these new games.

A spokesperson for the company says: “Two very different games launching in September but both will appeal to a wide variety of players. Rugby Star is the latest in a series of sporting games timed around renowned worldwide events; we expect this to be just as popular as the others in the series. And with the High 1 Zodiac symbol swapping every year, Lucky Zodiac is dynamic and refreshing, standing out from other slots with fixed symbol sets.”

So, be on the lookout for these games next month. They will both be released for mobile and online play on September 9.