Gambling is an activity that is limited to players that are 18-years-old and over. So, gaming developers are able to experiment with provocative themes, making for an abundance of quite sexy slot machines.

Slots Temple has had a go at some of these titles (for research, of course) – and we’d like to present our top picks for the sexiest online slots games.

Hunky Heroes

A large portion of online slots players are female, so it makes sense that casino operators would make a game to appeal to their tastes. Hunky Heroes is an online slots game that features several handsome men in adventurous jobs. Roger is a pilot, Wade is a Navy officer, Duncan is a police officer, Patrick is a fire fighter and Brad is a life guard.

Each character has their own symbols, depicting their rugged faces and several other symbols depict items they would use for work, including Speedos and helmets.

There is also a Sneak-A-Peek Bonus. It is a scratchcard game, that allows players to remove items of clothing from the characters' bodies if they scratch off matching symbols.

Planet Exotica

This is one of the stranger slot machines that we have come across, as Planet Exotica takes place in an intergalactic strip club. The game’s symbols feature some very attract alien women and a number of club-related characters like bouncers. Lips, martinis, cash and space ships also line the reels.

The game’s bonus feature is called Sneak-A-Peek, and the player must undress one of the alien babes. She is presented on stage, fully-clothed with 15 tiles beneath her. Every tiles contains an item of clothing and If three are selected in a row, then that piece of clothing is removed and the player receives a bonus cash prize. 

40 Shades of Santa

Sexualizing Santa Claus, Microgaming’s 40 Shades of Santa is also quite disturbing. The game is based on the provocative 50 Shades of Grey novel series, and features only red, white and black colours. The symbols include sexy lingerie, handcuffs and a pair of women’s legs.

The game is obviously a spoof of the series that was released at Christmas time, but there is still something that is unsettling about the theme.

Playboy Slots

This game has yet to hit the online casino market, but it already gets our vote. Microgaming has created a Playboy-branded slots game that features voluptuous babes in very little clothing. Each character offers up generous cash prizes, with each woman awarding a unique bonus.

Playboy slots will also introduce two new Microgaming features: Wild Night and Rolling Wilds.