We all know that casino players are a special type of superstitious. When you’re playing games that are based entirely on luck, it is hard not to be. However, it is important to separate superstitions from truth when gambling online, as giving into false beliefs could potentially hurt you in the long run, causing you to spend more money than you had originally planned.

The most common belief about slot machines is that the casino operator has the ability to control when the game pays out. Some players believe that casinos monitor each player’s progress to track how much they have won or lost over the course of their gaming session. As such, they believe that casinos will award payouts to players who are struggling and hold out jackpots to those that are already winning.

In the same vein, some slots players believe that games run on schedules. So, if a player has recently won a big prize on a particular game, then the machine will not pay out for a long while. Neither of these slot machine myths is true – in addition to them being illegal.

Casino operators – whether online or land-based – can manipulate the outcome of their games. This means that they cannot schedule when a game will pay out or control which players win jackpots. All slots games run on Random Number Generator software, which means that a complex mathematical algorithm is what dictates who wins and when.

It is only with progressive jackpots that you can attempt to predict when they will pay out. This is because every game builds at a particular rate, with the jackpot climbing incrementally. Many smaller progressive jackpots pay out weekly or bi-weekly, based on how long it takes for the game to reach its average jackpot award.

Even in these cases, there are many exceptions, with games paying out sooner or taking longer to award jackpots than predicted.

Some players believe slot machine myths that claim newer games are more likely to pay out their biggest prizes in order to attract new players.

What is true is that casino operators will highlight the wins of new games in order to get players to wager on them – but this does not necessarily mean that the slot machine has paid out more often or awarded bigger prizes than older slots.

So, our advice is to stick to playing the slots you enjoy. There is no reason what you should change your gaming habits based on slot machine myths and superstitions. As is the case with any game of luck, when you’re meant to win, you will win.

There is nothing you or the casino operator can do to change the outcome – so, just sit back, spin the reels and enjoy the experience!