Slots design is more sophisticated than ever. We’re seeing impressive graphics, with unique art styles and innovative gameplay. However, one of the most impressive features of newer slots is the soundtrack composition. Gone are the days of loud bells and whistles as you spin the reels. These soundtracks are composed by professionals and do a wonderful job of conveying the various themes. We’ve decided to list a few of our favourite soundtracks.

Toki Time

Toki Time from Thunderkick has an adorable and cheery tune with a catchy melody. It’s almost addictive, and you’ll certainly have it as an earworm for at least a day after you’ve finished playing the game. Even the flowers dance along to the music, making it that much cuter!

The Rift

Thunderkick’s Arcader slot has a soundtrack that perfectly suits its theme. This retro gaming slot has a very 80s feel with a heavy electronic bassline and synths playing the melody. You’ll definitely be brought back to your days of spending quarters to play video games in arcade cabinets.

DJ Wild

DJ Wild has a super cool electronic soundtrack that could viably be a hit on a Top 40 chart. It’s a soft, ambient sort of tune with a techno sound – almost reminiscent of something by David Guetta. You can even purchase the song on iTunes!

Aloha: Cluster Pays

Aloha Cluster Pays from Net Entertainment features a cute ukulele tune that is accompanied by birds chips and waves crashing. It’s enough to make you feel like you’re sitting on a beach in Hawaii, sipping on a tropical cocktail and eating a coconut.


Birds from Betsoft is another game with a soundtrack that matches its theme perfect. The adorable cast of characters fly on and off the screen to a cartoony tune that conveys a bit of mischief. The interesting thing about this game is that the soundtrack only plays when spins are in progress. Otherwise, you only hear the backing track of birds chirping.

12 Zodiacs

This Chinese Zodiac-themed online pokies features a very calming soundtrack. If you’ve ever been to a spa, this is the kind of music that you’d hear. Is it actually quite a pretty composition, and we’d even be happy to keep it on in the background while we’re doing things other than playing the game.

Cloud Quest

Cloud Quest from Play n Go features an epic soundtrack that is befitting of any big-name video game like Skyrim or Final Fantasy. It suits the fantasy theme perfectly without being too over-the-top.

The Epic Journey

The Epic Journey from Quickspin has a beautiful cinematic theme. It is the kind of soundtrack that would accompany a blockbuster film like Jurassic Park or Forest Gump. The soundtrack to this title is really quite lovely, and Quickspin has done a great job of conveying the ‘epicness’ of The Epic Journey.