The gambling market is a strange beast. With all of its flash and flair, the casino industry likes to go over the top with respect to many aspects of its business model. One area in which casino, bookmaker and poker room operators take a sensational approach is in marketing.

We tend to see some of the strangest publicity stunts from gambling firms, so we thought we would make a list of the weirdest marketing ploys from these types of companies.

Hot Air Balloon Jesus

Australian bookmaker SportsBet has recently come under fire for launching a huge Jesus-shaped hot air balloon above Melbourne to celebrate the World Cup. He is wearing a SportsBet jersey that reads #KeepTheFaith on the front, in a spoof of the famous Brazilian icon, Christ the Redeemer.

It is an interesting concept, and SportsBet maintain that it pays homage rather than mocking the famous statue. However, religious groups are upset about the campaign and want the balloon taken down.

Deforestation of the Amazon

The 2014 World Cup seems to have brought out all kinds of creativity in casino marketing teams. At the beginning of the month, Paddy Power released an image of the rainforest with the a path spelling ‘C’MON ENGLAND – PP’ through trees that had been cleared out.

As you can imagine, this sparked outrage, as the internet took up arms over the bookmaker cutting down trees in the rainforest for a marketing scheme.

Thankfully, it was revealed to be a hoax. It will go down in history as being ‘the most idiotic publicity stunt ever’, according to some internet users.

Golden Palace Forehead Tattoo

When it comes to wacky casino publicity stunts, Golden Palace could have its own dedicated list. We’ve chosen from over a dozen strange marketing tactics from this online casino, and the face tattoo was by far the weirdest. In 2005, Golden Palace paid a woman $15 000 to tattoo its name across her forehead.

In the grand scheme of things, $15 000 isn’t very much money. Most people would not tattoo a casino on their head for less than $1 million – if at all.

Rubber Ducky Down The Thames

In 2012, Jackpot Joy sent a huge rubber ducky down the Thames River to swim underneath Tower Bridge in London. We’re not entirely sure how a 50ft-tall duck relates to gambling, but Jackpot Joy said it has to do with bringing more joy and laughter to the world. So, we can’t fault them there.