Today, NetEnt has launched its long-awaited Megaways remake of the classic Twin Spin slot. With a 38,000x top prize, free spins, cascading reels and wild multipliers, Twin Spin Megaways delivers an enthralling gaming experience – but is it the best of the bunch?

Twin Spin has been a favourite in the online slots market for over five years and, while Twin Spin Deluxe wasn’t a huge hit, the game still had more elevated gameplay than the original. Now, Twin Spin Megaways has burst onto the scene and has the potential to blow its predecessors out of the water.

So, here, we’re going to take a good look at all three Twin Spin slots and let you know which game we believe to be the stand-out. There is certainly steep competition here.

Twin Spin Math Models

First, let’s take a look at the maths:

   Winning Ways  Top Prize  RTP  Volatility
 Twin Spin  243  1,000x  96.6%  Medium High
 Twin Spin Deluxe  Cluster Pays  10,000x  96.1%  Medium
 Twin Spin Megaways  117,649  38,000x  96.04%  Medium/High


When it comes to top prizes, there’s definitely a winner and a loser here. The new Twin Spin Deluxe blows the original slot out of the water with a 38,000x top prize compared a meagre 1000x.

However, the RTP is significantly lower, so you’re looking at a trade-off here if you prefer to play Twin Spin Megaways over NetEnt’s classic Twin Spin slot. Both of the earlier Twin Spin games have slightly higher-than-average payout percentages – but Twin Spin Megaways it much lower.

This is to be expected, though, as most Megaways slots haves RTPs of 96.5% or less.

Format and Features

The original Twin Spin slot started it all with its unique synced reels format. While the rest of the game is pretty basic with no free spins, the synced reels inspired plenty of other developers to experiment with similar features – so you’ll see them in games like Sausage Party and The Final Countdown.

Twin Spin Deluxe, sadly, wasn’t a big hit – but we really can’t see why not. The game had way more generous winning potential and a good RTP with Cluster Pays thrown into the mix. The Cluster Pays even worked better with the Synced Reel format, but we think we players were hard on this slot because it lacked additional features (not even cascading reels!) and was a bit too similar to the original Twin Spin.

Twin Spin Megaways is now a whole new ballgame – while still retaining the main feature that players loved about the original game. Here, we not only have Synced Reels but also free spins with increasing multipliers and wild multipliers. So, this is certainly the Twin Spin sequel that slots players have been waiting for.

So, What’s the Verdict?

Normally, we’re a sucker for the original versions of slots before their Megaways makeovers – but Twin Spin is an exception. Twin Spin Megaways really has it all, and it doesn’t sacrifice anything in the process (okay, the RTP is lower than we’d like but not so low that it’s a deal-breaker).

It gives players everything they wanted out of a Twin Spin remake: free spins and a couple of extra features. Twin Spin Megaways succeeds were Twin Spin Deluxe failed, and gives players an exciting online gaming experience with fun features and an amazing top prize.