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Twin Spin is an online slot developed by Net Ent and it’s built around the classic 5X3 layout. There is no bonus round or free-spins feature, but it does have syncing reels, meaning between two and all five reels will land identical symbols every spin.


Imagine waking up and being back in the 1970s. It’s a cool summer’s night in the Mojave Desert, but things are hotting up in the bustling casinos lining the main streets of Las Vegas. As Elvis croons from a stage somewhere along the strip, fortunes are being won, and lost, around high stake tables and roulette wheels. Further along are the slots players, lost in the rhythmic movement of pulling that bandit’s arm before being hypnotised by spinning reels, and the thrill of familiar symbols tumbling and teasing as they take their time to settle. Fast forward a few decades and ‘ta-da’ - the genius creatives over at NetEnt have given an old favourite a 21st century makeover, bringing the genuine fun of the original Vegas slots design to life, while making it relevant to modern technology and tastes.

This exquisite blend of nostalgia and tech appeals to all generations of slots fans. It works equally well on a desktop or laptop, mobile and tablet, which is just as well, because you will definitely be keen to play when on the move. Even better - it copes magnificently with the three major computer operating systems - Windows, Linux and Mac without any downloading needed.

So let’s take a closer look at Twin Spin. Behind every compelling game is a team of creatives - great minds that come together to share input on everything from the game theme to the graphics and key features which will make it a winner. So it would be impossible to understand what makes Twin Spin stand out, without having a good look at the innovative company behind it. Learning more about how both elements work reveals more about what makes this particular game so much fun to play. Of course, there's also lots to share about the other important things to online casinos slot players. Things like the scope of potential winnings - is Twin Spin a random mega payer, or more likely t produce small and frequent jackpots? Is playing for fun is just as exciting as playing for cash? If anything else interesting happens to pop up along the way, we'll give some insight into that too.

The first look at Twin Spin

First impressions definitely do count, and Twin Spin passes the inspection with flying colours. The retro-Vegas theme is obvious from the start, with the first clue perhaps being that cheesy yet ever so subtle lounge music which plays throughout the game, barring the explosions of sound to celebrate wins. Although the background tunes of some games can quickly become irritating, that isn’t the case here - so well done to the developers for sparing players that dreadful muzak style delivery.

If the music didn’t alert you, then perhaps the gameplay features will do the trick. As well as the soothing peals of the spinning reels, there’s the gloriously satisfying old-style thump as each settles into its final place. It may sound picky, but is there anything more annoying than reel-spinning sound effects that compete, or worse, clash, with the background music? There are no worries on that front here - but if you do prefer to play in silence sometimes, the sound adjuster is easy to spot on screen.

The sound effects are rated very highly, but the visuals aren’t too shabby either. A fitting and nice touch is the random lighting which appears around the board, so watch out for that. The way they flash on and off around each reel on winning spins will make you smile, as once again, what could so easily be cheesy manages to look cool. The overall layout of the screen and controls, as well as the icons chosen, are absolutely perfect for the theme, and there will be more details on those aspects a little later.

Twin Spin Slot

Twin Spin data

Twin Spin is a 5-reel video slot, with a generous 243 paylines. The game is named after a key feature, where twinned reels can expand to become triplets, quadruplets or even quins. The huge benefit for players is that with up to 5 reels of matching winning icons, it really ups the chances of a bonus payout.

UK players aged over 18 can register to play Twin Spin for real, or play online for fun. The game automatically credits you with the hefty sum of £5,000 credit in fun money, which you can keep track of on screen. Free play options are a great way to get a feel for a game before going on to play for actual cash, as well as simply being a nice way to pass the time and have some fun. There is no pressure on players using the free option to register and invest in the game for real.

When playing for fun, the minimum bet amount per game is 0. 5, and the maximum is 0.50, but overall winnings can be boosted by increasing the number of levels you wish to play.

How to play Twin Spins

The first time you navigate to the Twin Spin game, there’s a brief explanation of how the bonus works on the front page. It’s pretty straightforward and unless you want to see that every visit, remember to check the ‘don’t show me this again’ box. From there, you are whisked directly to the action - presented with a very calming blue-purple, satin-like background and five reels of very sharply drawn images.

One of the refreshing things about NetEnt’s game designers is their dedication to creating simple, functional control and information panels. Nobody wants to be searching the screen for hidden icons that may or may not let you mute the sound, increase your bet stake or put the game on autoplay while you answer the phone. That is a very real nuisance, yet plenty of games still make players suffer. It’s not necessary, and thankfully, there are designers out there who know that what makes a player happy is obvious icons, and a simple layout, which is what you get with Twin Spin.

On the control panel strip located at the bottom of the reels, the PLAY button sits front and centre, claiming its rightful spot as it is the most used button of them all. PLAY is flanked by the MAX BET and AUTOPLAY buttons, and then several windows displaying current information on the level you are playing at, current bank balance and so on make up the rest of the space. Any player who wants to know more about the game or the rules can follow the i symbol or the small question mark sitting just underneath the slots themselves.

Twin Spin symbols

This may be an exciting game to play, but at its heart is the constant theme of simplicity, so it’s no surprise that the symbols featured are designed to fit that perfectly. In good old retro-style, the game designers have taken some of the firm slots favourites and given them a sympathetic update. The main symbols in this game are:

- a stunning oversized diamond
- lucky number 7
- a delightfully 3D golden bell
- two luscious cherries
- WILD, a flame red, yellow-edged icon which can substitute for any other symbol

The remaining symbols are the traditional numbers 9 and 10, the A for ace, and the picture card initials of J, Q, and K.

Talented designers have done a very good job making these standard and much loved images so distinctive on the reels, without going over the top and losing the very essence of what they represent.

The Twin Spin paytable

None of the games from this maker are known for extravagant payouts, but there are plenty of opportunities to boost winnings, and overall, there are some pretty generous rewards to be reaped in this game. Also, the twin (and more) bonus options make these even better.

In regular games, your bank balance is boosted after matching three or more symbols on consecutive reels. The highest paying symbol is, not surprisingly, the diamond, with 5 making you 1k richer. The same number of lucky 7s or the BAR symbol will pay out around 50% of that, while five bells or cherries brings 250 credits.

Four matches will net you anywhere between 250 and 75 credits, and for three, this drops to a 10-50 range. In keeping with the traditional ratios, the number and picture card symbols are never going to make you rich, with a maximum payout for 5 on the reels being 40 credits. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t build a nice nest egg, as the chances of winning less but more often are very good.


It’s no secret that Twin Spins doesn’t have a whole lot of extra features to dazzle players with or attract fans of that kind of thing, but it does have the feature which gave the game its name! This is what makes Twin Spin different to other games around, so it’s worth knowing how it works and what makes it special.

Every single spin of the reels begins with a double reel, which means two reels next to each other have matching icons on them. When reels match, they can also expand into rows of three or four. That is when things really heat up. With each fresh spin, the matching reels can appear on any two of the 5 on show, so it’s all to play for.


The only other notable extra in Twin Spin is the WILD, which can substitute for any of the symbols and may appear anywhere on four of the five reels (reel one is excluded). It also works alongside the special ‘twin spin’ feature.

Twin Spin - the mobile gaming experience

In this digital age, it’s not always good enough to offer online slots via a site that only really functions properly and looks any good when accessed by a desktop or laptop computer. In many cases, mobile users can still play using their device if they login using a web browser, but if the features and functions are diminished, it’s not very much fun.

There are none of these worries with Twin Spin, as a version optimised especially for mobiles and tablets makes playing on a smaller screen as much fun as ever. This isn’t really surprising considering the focus that the developer places on delivering the best possible game experience to all its customers, but still, it’s great to see what is said being actually delivered day in and day out.

So whether you like to spin while lounging on the sofa, or enjoy playing online slots to make that boring commute to work more fun, there’s nothing holding you back.

Twin Spins - not the overlooked cousin

Starburst may be the current popular star of the stable from this leading game company, the Cinderella of the online slot world, but Twin Spin isn’t anything close to being an ugly sister. Let’s say it’s more of a quieter cousin? So while free Starburst spins often feature as a lure to new players on online casino sites, most are more than happy to throw freebies at you while you play and spend your welcome bonus on any other game you choose.

About NetEnt - the company behind Twin Spins

The company motto is ‘Better Gaming’, which it believes naturally leads to better business, and it has definitely proved more than capable of living up to that. By creating innovative, extremely playable, compelling games of the highest quality and fun factor, the company manages to please both the public and the business world to the greatest degree possible, but where and when did it get started in this business?

Net Entertainment, to give the firm its original name, was formed back in 1996, but it didn’t just spring up out of nowhere. Looking back a little further in time - in 1970s Scandinavia, offline casinos were the place to be, and a company called Cherry was on it. Cherry were the top dogs, the leading lights, until one day completely out of the blue, slot machines were banned in Sweden. The effects on the business were devastating, and to stay afloat, Cherry was radically reorganised.

Things settled down and all was fine, and over time, Cherry started to grow again, and to acquire smaller businesses and casino-related opportunities. Then the Internet revolution came about. The potential for growth through iGaming was spotted, but this was still the early 1990s and technology was nothing like we know it today. In 1996, Pontus Lindwall started Net Entertainment, and his long term history and association with Cherry, (now Betsson, by the way), led to some much-needed investments.

Net Entertainment is all grown up

Back in 1996, Net Entertainment had one office, 3 members of staff, two servers and one customer - oh and a whole lot of vision. It was seven long years before the company made a profit! Its second office opened in Malta in 2006 after it had a casino licence granted by the authorities there, and in 2007, it went public.

A fine example of a slow burner, this is now is a truly international company, with offices and over 900 staff based in several locations, including Sweden, Malta, Gibraltar, Ukraine, Poland and the US. Those behind the business are rightly proud both of their ever growing achievements and expansion, but also of the cultural diversity of the organisation overall. It has 200+ amazing and sought-after casino and mobile casino games to its credit, it manages 3,500 servers and it has more customers than it can count.

A true maverick

NetEnt is said to be the leading developer of online, live and mobile casino games in the 21st century, and it supplies endless numbers of dedicated casino customers who seriously value the traffic these products attract, yet it has no actual personal casino operation on the go. This is pretty unusual, but perhaps that’s the secret to success? Or it could be the attention that NetEnt places on secure payment systems, data protection and responsible gambling support.

Whatever it is, the industry like it. After being highly recommended the year before, in 2014, the firm claimed the Slot Provider of the Year award at the ERG, annual eGaming Review B2B Awards. The firm has won something there every year since, along with two WiG, (Women in Gaming) awards.

The firm definitely dominates the online games market, and it has partnered with over a hundred casino operators from around the world. These include well known and respected names like, Comeon!, Betfair, Casumo, Bet365, Betsson, CasinoEuro, bwin, and Netsafe.

Look out for MAX

This new line of games is dual purpose, offering versions to suit both casual and serious players - basically, anyone who is looking for a game with higher stake options, and more potential to win. The MAX versions of games will not change the overall return to player percentages, or the unique styling of games which loyal fans appreciate.

Having been developed based on customer demand, BerryBurst, and its counterpart BerryBurst MAX will be the first pair to be released in the UK, and suppliers eagerly anticipate the chance to promote such a rare and potentially lucrative game.


In 2011, the ‘Touch’ range of games for mobile play was launched, and greeted by an enthusiastic audience - its impact being limited only by the shortage of online mobile casinos at that point in time. Today, 40% of the company’s revenue is generated from Touch games.

The world of online gaming moves fast, and this means that game designers are charged with constantly striving to stay ahead of the pack. This isn’t a problem for this game making business - after all, it’s the clear leader of the race anyhow, but it’s great news for fans who can look forward to a new generation of top quality games with cutting edge graphics, storylines, interaction and special features.

If you love Twin Spin, take a look at these games


Starburst took the online slots world by storm with its simplistic yet magnetic qualities and bright, sparkly jewels. A fine example of commitment to top-class graphics and sound, alongside an interesting theme and plenty of chances to win.

South Park

Another amazing slot based on a seriously big name TV show, South Park is true to the sitcom, with hilarious sound effects and animations thrown in randomly for sheer entertainment value. Fans can play happily for hours in free mode, if that’s what they enjoy.

Dazzle Me

When game designers love a bit of bling, Dazzle Me is the typical result. It’s positively awash with gemstones, and with 76 paylines, it’s pretty generous with the winnings too. This is a simple but compelling online slot.


One of the firm’s branded video slots, Frankenstein boasts just 3 rows and 20 paylines to go with its 5-reels, but boy, does it shine when it comes to the chances of winning. Linked wilds, lightening wilds, even fire wilds! Then there are scatters, free spins and a multiplier to boot! The game designers love to keep their audiences guessing, and producing games which cover the spectrum when it comes to pace and excitement level certainly does that. Basically then, this is about as different to Twin Spin as you could get, but both work incredibly well in their own, magical way.

Secrets of Atlantis

A familiar name, the lure of Atlantis can be hard to resist, but there’s nothing watery about this top notch 5-reel, 40 row, 40 fixed payline video slot, which was released in 2016. Get your flippers on for an underwater adventure, exploring for sunken treasure amongst mermaids.

Twin Spin Deluxe

It would be downright mean to not give the new addition to the Twin Spin family a mention here. The deluxe version takes you from the casino to the streets of a sophisticated city, ramps up the tunes to the typically pleasing level, and has a 6 reel grid. The cluster bonus can lead to crazy large wins. This is a pleasing example of a company taking an excellent game and ramping it up just enough to make a great alternative to the original, without sacrificing all that loyal fans held dear.

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

Another classic retro-childhood memory jerker slot from the genius known as NetEnt, playing this is pretty much as good as actually being at the fair. Those popping colours, funny gimmicks and absolutely perfect sound effects come together to pack a magical punch. Then there’s the chance of winning too, which is almost incidental!

Wild Water

You don’t need to be a surf dude or babe to enjoy splashing around with this slot. The 1950s picture postcard images and caricatures are a perfect touch.


Not one for the faint hearted! Sinister music, gothic images, and a ‘hero’ who’s pretty close to scary - feed his thirst for blood or suffer the consequences. A typical cutting-edge NetEnt game which is edge of the seat stuff to boot - hold on for the various bonus options he may throw your way.


An entertaining slot for fans of the brooding Tony Montana.

Our Gameplay Experience

We already know that Twin Spin is a favourite with online slots players of all ages, but how does it fare with a completely new player? Someone who doesn’t have any experience to fall back on when it comes to understanding how things work, and nothing to compare it to when you rate the fun factor. Well, you need wonder no more, as we put this game to the test with a willing participant, who we will call ‘Mrs J’.

To be fair we got her set up with the game on NetEnt’s site, and gave her the chance to read the brief explanation which appears on screen every time you stop by, but sensibly, you can choose to skip it in subsequent visits. From that point, it was over to Mrs J, who kindly shared a few thoughts on how things went.

Getting to know Twin Spins    

The main graphics, background images and music were appreciated, and as expected, kicked that nostalgic streak that people who remember the original one-armed bandits always seem to feel.
The control panel was easy to navigate too, and she very sensibly took five minutes to play about with the options there to get a better understanding of what each different thing did, rather than jump right into play mode.

Mrs J was playing in free play mode, and was curious to know what kind of fun prize money pot she was playing with, and how much each spin of the reels might set her back. Here are some interesting things she discovered.

- The lowest coin value you can choose is 0.01, and the max is 0.50. There are some quite large leaps between these two points, as the entire range is 0.01 - 0.02 - 0.05 - 0.10 - 0.20 - 0.50.
- There is a green bar underneath the coin value button which becomes solid as the numbers increase. This is a good way to check your settings at a glance.
- The ’levels’ button also has the green bar, and a range between 1 and 10. This lets you move up or down one number at a time.

How much is in the pot?

Mrs J decided to start with a 0.20 coin value and level 5, which activated 125 paylines and generated a starting figure of 25,000 coins in the pot. This figure is the most obvious, but in fun mode, you need to look to the very bottom of the screen to see the equivalent in fun cash values.

In fun cash terms, a player begins with £5,000, so the coins act like poker chips, with the total number increasing or decreasing depending on your total stake each spin. More on this later.

A little experiment

Remember, Mrs J started with 25,000 coins, and started spinning at 0.20/level 5. This cost her 110 coins a spin, or £25 in cash terms. Where would she be after 10 spins? Here are the stats.

Spins 1-2 gave up nothing, but on spin 3 she won 200 coins, a further 375 on spin 4, and 50 on spin 5, landing another 50 on spin 9. She ended that round 575 coins down, but completely transfixed by the antics on screen and through the speakers which each win triggered.

Seconds out, round 2!

This time, Mrs J gave the autoplay mode a try. Clicking this button opens up a small new window with a series of numbers inside it. Players can choose to have autoplay spin from 10 to 1,000 times, and again, the options jump quite sharply. Here they are 10 - 25 - 50 - 100 - 250 - 500 - 1000. There is also an advanced settings option, which handily allows you to choose a stop point. This can be:
- after the first win
- if your wins reach a particular figure (of your choice)
- if your total cash pot increases or decreases to a named figure (again this is your choice).

Settling for a modest ten spins on regular autoplay mode, with the stakes increased to 0.50/10 levels, round 2 began. After a couple of modest 40 - 100 coin wins, two x 160 coin triumphs followed. 4/10 wins fits with the 1 in 3 odds other players have predicted. But although boosting the ban was nice, it’s not the be all and end all - this game simply delivers fun and intrigue regardless.

Keen to see what happened next, we couldn’t tear Mrs J away, and she was soon rewarded with a nice 500 coin win. This was a pretty giddy moment because as the third reel settled with symbols matching the twin reels, the sound effects changed, signalling clearly that something exciting was on the horizon. It’s just a matter of holding your breath while the last two reels decide your fate. Do be prepared for the rousing celebratory sounds that are the result.

Overall review of Twin Spin

Twin Spin is confident about what it brings to the table. Sure, there are no jaw-dropping extras, no head-turning bonus games, scatters and free spins, or fancy icons, but there is an understated level of class that makes the game such a dream to play. That magic blend of retro glamour and modern touches breathes new life into what is, after all, a tribute to the very earliest of all slot machines.

It’s the simplicity of Twin Spins which makes it so appealing to a world somewhat exhausted by over-complicated digital games. There’s definitely no shortage of reviews where players report spending several hours happily spinning away without becoming bored, though of course, the chance to see double, treble or quadruple reels boost your balance is no bad thing either. The tidy 96.6% return to player rate, along with a hit rate touching on 28%, propels Twin Spins into the mid-high variance league - supporting the old saying that good things come to those who wait. Invest a little time in this charming game and you should be rewarded soon enough.

Disclaimer: Twin Spin trademark / license is owned by Net Ent. This site is not endorsed by Net Ent.

* Although we try and match games with Casinos that have them, we advise that you double-check the slot content on the casino before making a deposit.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Twin Spin
Software: Net Ent
RTP: 96.6%
Volatility: High volatility
Paylines: 243
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): £0.25 (GBP)
Max Bet: £125 (GBP)
Top Win: 1000
Features: Wild Symbol , Respins , High volatility , 5 Reels
UK Available in GB? Yes. Net Ent have a UKGC license and are allowed to offer their games at UK licensed casinos.

Twin Spin FAQs

Can I play Twin Spin for free?

If you open Twin Spin on the main NetEnt site, or on any of the online casino sites with this game, you can play in free game mode with no problems. You have a good chunk of (fake) credit to play with, and can enjoy spinning those reels and seeing what happens at no cost.

Is there a minimum age limit to play Twin Spin?

Yes. You must be 18 years or older to play Twin Spin, either for cash or in free game mode. NetEnt has very strict policies on the age limit issue, and anyone navigating to its online site is challenged about age. If you choose to register with an online casino to play for cash, it will have its own system of verifying your ID and age.

Does Twin Spin have free spins?

Twin Spins doesn’t offer any free spins option, but there is a wild and other opportunities to increase winnings, which we hope will make up for it.

Can I win real money while playing Twin Spin?

Sure, if you are playing with real money via an online casino site.

Can I play Twin Spin with no deposit?

No deposit is needed to play in free game mode. If you choose to register and play for real money, you will find that some sites ask for a deposit, whilst others do that but also offer you a joining or welcome no deposit bonus.

Can I play Twin Spin from my mobile device?

You certainly can. You can choose to access the game via your favourite web browser and then play as normal, or go for a specially optimised version which makes for great viewing on a mobile or a tablet.

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