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Cascading Slots - List of Slots with the Cascading Reels Feature

Introducing cascading slots

Cascading reels are a feature of many different video slot machines. They offer multiple opportunities to win and have a high entertainment value when featured in a game.

Cascading reels allow standard reel icons to be replaced by alternative ones. These could trigger a bonus game or round and really give a welcome boost to your prize pot when you are playing the game.

Understanding cascading slots

To comprehend how cascading reels work, think of a game such as Tetris, where matching symbols makes items disappear and cascade downwards. In slots with this technology and feature, winning combinations of icons prompt the software to kick into action to provide video animation. This makes icons disappear and allows new symbols to fall into view to replace the ones that were there previously.

The new symbols which drop into view can hold the key to all sorts of winning combinations, and these, in turn, can cause more symbols to disappear and even more new icons to fall onto your paylines.

Winning potential of cascading slots

When they arrive, cascading reels can be well worth the wait, such is their prize-winning potential. They may feature in high variance slots, where the waits can be reasonably long in between one win and another. The big positive for these games are that the wins can be very lucrative when they do eventually arrive.

There is also the chance that cascading reels will trigger a slot’s bonus round or game, bringing with it yet more opportunities to win. This can really boost the entertainment value of a game, especially if you’re not a fan of the very simple spin and win formula of some of the more traditional games.

These bonus games can sometimes be quite complex and can really offer game makers the opportunity to show off their design skills and imaginative use of the latest technology. They may even involve a skill element. This may make you think that you have a hand in your own winning potential, although it is worth remembering that, by their very nature, slots are games of luck and chance.

Cascading slots online

Cascading reels are a very popular feature in all sorts of online slots and can be enjoyed on all sorts of mobile devices, as well as on your PC or laptop.

They definitely add to the excitement of many games, but it is still important to not get too caught up in waiting for those big wins to arrive. Cascading reels can be really lucrative, but casino owners will still typically make 15 per cent more than all of their players spend. This means that it is important to only ever bet amounts that you can truly afford to lose and keep the fun factor in playing online slots.