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The Aztec Empire

The Aztecs were a tribe of native American people who settled in what is now Mexico and gradually took over most of the country, eventually controlling a population of more that 11,000,000 souls. The entire region had been made up of peaceful city-states until the Aztecs took control and introduced their own deities, many of which now feature in some of the most popular Aztec-themed slots games.

The principal Aztec gods were Huitzilopochtli, the sun god who also demanded that plenty of wars take place in his name, and Tlaloc, the god of rain, who was important for ensuring that crops were abundant. One of the best-known of the gods is Quetzalcoatl, who took the form of a feathered snake and represented civilisation and learning. These gods were demanding, requiring abundant gifts to keep them onside, including human sacrifices, which has perhaps contributed to our enduring fascination with the culture of that time.

The exotic symbolism of the Aztec gods is something that features heavily in slots games as it gives an air of mystery to the reels. Tribal themes translate well into slots icons, particularly when accompanied by tribal music, giving players the impression that they are exploring ancient history. This is a theme that is ripe for gamers, leading to a host of Indiana Jones-style games with brave explorers searching for hidden treasures and valuable ancient artefacts.

Top Aztec-themed games

One of the most popular Aztec-themed slots games is Gonzo’s Quest, which picks up on many of the civilisation’s major themes. The cartoon-styled Gonzo is a Spanish explorer who is searching for lost treasure amongst the ruins of a temple, and the game makes clever use of mask symbols, forgoing the usual spinning of the reels in favour of large stones that fall down on top of one another to create potential winning lines. In a fun twist, winning symbols are removed from the stacks, allowing more stones to drop down, with the possibility of producing even more winning lines.

Montezuma has a different take on the theme, with a more serious approach. Based on the life of the Emperor Montezuma, this slots game uses symbols including a feathered headdress, eagles, pyramids and snakes set against golden reels in an Amazonian forest.

The Emperor Montezuma also features in the Aztec Secret slots game. This is quite a basic slots game, featuring icons and pyramids from the era, but its simplicity makes it an ideal starting point for anyone who is new to online slots games. Old hands will be drawn in by the very healthy returns to be made, with numerous players reporting significant wins in online forums. The search for riches certainly hasn’t ended with the destruction of the Aztec Empire!

Crystal Mystery is another adventure slots title with an underlying explorer theme for any budding Indiana Jones types. Players must navigate their way through the Amazonian jungle in search of a lost Aztec temple, to which they gain entry by using an impressive crystal skull. Once again, the lure of gold, potential riches and a dash of intrigue draw the player in, with the promise of untold riches if their mission is successful.

One of the most exciting Aztec-themed slots is the Temple of Treasure Megaways slot from Blueprint Gaming. This slot features a stunning theme that depicts Aztec artefacts beautifully while offering up ground-breaking gameplay and 117649 winning ways with each spin of the reels.

Cave Raiders manages to combine cartoon imagery with an Indiana Jones feel, as the game features two explorers, one male and one female, depicted in a fun style. Appealing to anyone with the desire to explore new regions and uncover lost treasure, which is a staple slots theme, the player discovers gold, snakes, masks and the ever-popular skull imagery along the way.

The Aztecs and the Mayans were actually two separate civilisations, but they had enough similarities that it’s common to find them banded together, and this is also true of online slots games. For example, we have the Mayan Riches online slots game, which uses much of the same symbolism, such as masks, skulls, pyramids, and the ubiquitous gold that tends to feature on so many slots games due to our never-ending fascination with this precious metal. Mayan Riches is a straightforward and simple game to play, which makes it an ideal starting point for anyone completely new to the world of online slots.

Mayan Princess also takes on the Mayan and Aztec theme, featuring a beautiful warrior princess who controls a region filled with exotic wildlife along with the classic stepped pyramids of the era. As with Mayan Riches, Mayan Princess is a traditional five-reel slots game, but this game features superior graphics and richly-detailed symbols, adding to the sense of fun and adventure.

These are just some of the fun, exciting and entertaining online slots games to be found with an Aztec theme. With our ongoing fascination with ancient cultures, it’s clear that we can expect to see plenty more games of this type appearing for many years to come.