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One of the most obvious aspects of Mexican-themed slots is the inclusion of food within the reels. This could be the main title and mascot, such as in Red Chilli, or it could appear as some of the main symbols shown on the reels, such as in Spicy Chillies.

It is easy to spot a Mexican-themed slot thanks to the inclusion of Chilli or Pepper in the name. This is evident with Paco and the Popping Peppers and Chilli Gold, among many others. It also helps if a certain alcoholic beverage is mentioned, such as in the case of Tequila Fiesta.


This sport is another feature that often makes a slot land in the Mexican category. The sight of a mask-wearing wrestler is synonymous with Mexican wresting, as any fan of the film Nacho Libre can tell you. The Nacho Libre slot is included in this category, as is Lucha Libre, Luchdora and Senor Buritto. These titles, especially the last, make it clear that they are lighthearted slots that provide an extra element of fun to the gameplay. It’s hard to see the image of a scantily clad man complete with fitted mask without knowing that it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Whilst other Mexican themes can be quite serious, the wresting theme certainly doesn’t hold back from poking fun at itself.

Sugar Skulls

The imagery of skulls adorned with beautiful, colourful flowers is something that is taken straight out of Mexican culture, so it’s no surprise that these are often featured within these types of slots. Originating from The Day of the Dead holiday, which was first seen in Mexico, these skulls were often marked with the name of deceased friends and family and decorated in order to honour those who were no longer there.

The Day of the Dead slot continues this theme by including sugar skulls as part of its vivid imagery, as do Beautiful Bones, Grim Muerto and Esqueleto Explosivo. The use of skulls is one surefire way to add an important part of Mexican culture to a slot game and also makes it much more fascinating. Mexican slots are rarely dull in colour due to the use of sugar skulls, which include brightly coloured flowers. Of course, the gameplay should be one of the most important aspects of a slot, but when the imagery looks so good, it’s hard to keep everything else in mind.


You can’t help but imagine a Mariachi band when thinking about Mexican-themed slots, and most of the titles in this category include their music. It’s something that makes you want to get up and dance, which might be a little off-putting when you are about to start playing a slot. However, for most people, the inclusion of this music helps make the slot sound and feel more authentic and less like a gimmick.

For some slots, the use of music is enough to create a Mexican feel, but others feel the need to include characters based on the guitar-playing member of the Mariachi band. Mariachi is one of the slots that includes band members as part of the graphics, and players will see them singing and dancing when the symbols line up for a win. Esqueleto Explosivo is another example of Mariachi members featuring in the reels, with each of them singing part of a song every time a win is landed.


You don’t often see the simple lower-paying playing card symbols within a Mexican slot, and even when you do, they are decorated to fit in with the Mexican theme. Most of the time, the symbols are made up of several iconic Mexican objects. Some might be stereotypical, but they're all related in some way to Mexican culture.

It all goes back to the Mexican love of food and music with chilli, peppers, limes, tacos and tequila featuring amongst the food and drink items. To symbolise the musical aspect, guitars often feature heavily, as do maracas; both of these occur as main symbols in the Chilli Gold x2 slot. You may also see skulls, sugar skull makeup, sombreros, cacti and pinatas making up the remaining Mexican-related symbols on the reels.

The piñata is also included in the titles of some slots, rather than just being added as a symbol to cement the theme on the reels. Piñata Bandinos, Piñata Pop and Spinata Grande also make use of piñata imagery to make their Mexican-themed titles more authentic, albeit with a lighthearted feel to it.

If you’re just looking to try out one of the many titles in the Mexican category, you can guarantee that you will experience fascinating, vivid imagery and music that will make you want to get up and dance. Although there may be some serious underlying cultural themes, Mexican slots always have the feel-good factor that makes you want to keep the reels spinning.