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You don’t have to wait until the full-on heat of summer before you can enjoy the sizzling action to be found across the reels of Hot 777 Deluxe from Wazdan Games. Based on their earlier game, the much more basic Hot 777, this new Deluxe version raises the gaming bar even higher, as it features improved graphics and sound, as well as being a much more entertaining and immersive game to play. So let’s head on out to the Wild West and see whether luck walks with us as we take a stroll across the desert sands.

Why you’ll love playing Hot 777 Deluxe

A beautiful dark-haired woman wearing tight, tight shorts and a shirt knotted under her ample bust, which sports a Sheriff badge, so we know that she needs to be taken seriously. What’s not to love? And this lady is a sharpshooter for certain, as she’s definitely packing heat in the form of a gun. So far, so good, but there’s much more to enjoy in this unique game, including:

- Collect Hot 7 bullets to win free spins
- Receive 10 free spins once you’ve collected 10 bullets
- Hot 7 symbols remain on the reels throughout free spins, with the potential to deliver impressive cash payouts
- Alter the volatility of the game to suit your own circumstances and playing style
- Fully optimised for mobile and tablet

Hot 777 Deluxe from Wazdan Games

Wazdan hasn’t been around on the online casino scene for very long, but in the short time that it’s been up and running it has definitely created a stir within the industry. That’s because the company is absolutely committed to providing players with the highest levels of gaming satisfaction, which happens to be a claim that many software houses make, but surprisingly few seem to deliver on. But in the case of Wazdan, the gameplay experience is everything, as the company knows that satisfied players will return to their favourite games again and again to spin the reels and see where the journey takes them.

With so much choice now available for online slots fans, developers such as Wazdan strive to produce games that have that extra edge. Whether that means including extra bonus features that players can’t get enough of, or featuring stunning graphics and engaging soundtracks, Wazdan believes that nothing is too much trouble when it comes to game creation, and it really shows in the quality of games that the company produces. And make no mistake, this is a formidable company, with a massive output of highly-regarded games having been produced in record time.

Hot 777 Deluxe is an upgrade to one of Wazdan’s earlier titles, the lower-budget Hot 777. In this new incarnation, the graphics have stepped up several gears, and the curvaceous dark-haired beauty has been added to provide some extra interest. Whereas the original game featured basic, cartoon-style graphics, Hot 777 Deluxe has really pushed the boat out when it comes to defining the symbols, which positively leap out from the screen in a riot of juicy colours!

Hot 777 Deluxe Slot

Our initial impressions of Hot 777 Deluxe

We’re always excited to discover a new title from Wazdan, which is becoming one of our favourite slots software developers, thanks to their cheeky sense of humour and ability to create superb games that we can’t get enough of. And we were doubly excited about the release of Hot 777 Deluxe, since it’s an upgrade to the popular Hot 777 slots game that we are already so familiar with. The earlier version relied on fairly primitive graphics in a game that gave a nod to the old fruit machine classic style of slots gaming. This is a theme which continues, to some extent in this revamped version, but the upgrade has certainly raised the game well above the level of ordinary slots gaming, providing fast-paced action with plenty of great features that quickly had us hooked.

As Hot 777 Deluxe finished uploading to our screen, we were greeted by the dark-haired bombshell, who stood beside a cactus while showing us a series of placards featuring gameplay elements to whet our appetite for what was to come. She promised us five winning paylines, a Hot Spins Bonus and an exciting Gamble feature, which is something that we’ve experienced before when playing Wazdan games. This Gamble feature is particularly appealing to high rollers, who enjoy the thrill of potentially doubling their win based on the turn of a card, but it’s completely optional, so players can ignore it if they prefer to do so.

Moving on to the main playing area, we were greeted by a blazing selection of number 7s, giving an indication of the heat that would shortly be coming as we got ready to spin the reels of this sizzling slots game. Across the top of the screen is the game’s paytable, set against the rays of a dying sun, with mountains and clouds in the background. There are three different variants of the 7 symbol. The red and gold 7, with the word ‘Hot’ emblazoned across it, is the highest-paying symbol across the reels, paying out 100 coins for achieving two matching symbols across a payline, rising to a highly impressive 2,000 coins for matching three symbols. Next comes the gold 7, which pays out 32 coins for matching two symbols, which increases to 1,000 coins for matching three. And the lowest-paying of the 7s is the red one, which pays out 16 coins for matching two, increasing to 400 coins where three red 7s are matched across a payline.

Other symbols that appear on the reels hark back to the earliest days of slots gaming, so you’ll also find the popular Liberty Bell symbol, which pays out 8 coins for matching two, rising to 80 coins for three matching bells across a payline. The same payout applies to the plums and grapes that appear on the reels. Pears and oranges only pay out for achieving three matches across a payline, awarding a fairly modest 8 coins, whilst the lemon and cherries also only pay out for three matches, offering just 4 coins for a matching set.

As we’ve come to expect from Wazdan slots games, the graphics are absolutely gorgeous, with the fruits really looking good enough to eat. Subtle shading and highlights make them really stand out on the reels, and the simple 3x3 grid allows every detail to really shine out.

The reels themselves are set against a desert background, in which cactus plants provide a small amount of shade from the blazing sun. Animal skulls lie on the ground, bleached white by the sun, while tumbleweeds spin lazily across the background every time a slight breeze blows.

The reels themselves are depicted as planks of old wood, on which the symbols scroll down. It’s a nice effect, that has been very well crafted, adding to the game’s overall appeal. Alongside the reels, just to the right-hand side, sits the Hot 777 Deluxe gun belt, with spaces for up to 10 bullets, which the player must collect for free spins.

Wazdan hasn’t stinted on the soundtrack either, which features some pleasing guitar melodies, rather than the more generic gaming sounds that so many games in this style tend to feature. All in all, we were impressed by the game’s design, and we couldn’t wait to set those reels spinning and discover where they would take us.

How to play Hot 777 Deluxe

One of the things that we particularly like about Hot 777 Deluxe, is the way that the player’s controls merge perfectly with the game’s sharp-shooting theme. So the windows for placing your bets and determining the remaining balance are configured to resemble bullets. The Spin button, meanwhile, has been designed to resemble the firing mechanism of a revolver, so it feels as though you’re really shooting at symbols when you play.

As a game with five fixed paylines, there’s no need to trouble yourself with altering the number in play, since that is outside the player's control. Instead, you only have to decide on the sum you’d like to wager for each spin. Then it’s time to hit that Spin button and find out where the reels will take you.

If you want to go for broke with the maximum allowable wager, then hit the Bet Max button, which will up your stake without the need for endless clicking or tapping. And if you’re planning on a lengthy gaming session, you might want to take advantage of the useful Autoplay function, which leaves your hands free for counting up your winnings as they accumulate.

You also have the option of altering the volatility of the game, which is something we’re increasingly seeing with Wazdan games. This allows every player to set the game to their preferred tastes, so if you’re a highly cautious player who likes to avoid risk you’ll probably benefit from playing the game in low volatility mode, as this will trigger plenty of small but frequent wins. High rollers, on the other hand, will want to set the volatility of the game to high, reducing the number of small wins, but generating occasional mega wins to boost your prize pot. Or you could aim for medium volatility, which offers a happy medium between those two extremes.

Hot 777 Deluxe Free Spins Bonus round

The hot 7’s in this game offer some huge payouts, but there’s much more to these symbols, as you’ll soon discover once you start playing the game. Every win that includes a Hot gold and red 7 somewhere on the reels will generate a bullet, which is collected in the gun belt to the right-hand side of the playing area. Once you’ve collected all ten bullets, the logo on the belt will light up on fire, and you’re on the brink of triggering the exciting Free Spins Bonus round. But first, you have to gain one more Hot 7 on the reels. And once you manage that, darkness descends, as you get ready to enjoy your free spins.

As a series of small fires lights up the background, the sky grows dark and the music lifts up a gear. Now you’ll benefit from ten free spins - one for each bullet that you’ve collected. And here is where the Hot 7 offers up another feature. Every time a Hot red and gold 7 lands on the reels, it becomes sticky, remaining in place throughout the entire free spins round. Each time another Hot 7 lands on the reels, it too will lock in place for the duration of the free spins, giving you the potential to amass a very tasty prize pot indeed.

How to win at Hot 777 Deluxe

We know how much our players love to win at their favourite slots game, and we’re always being asked for our top tips on how to ensure a winning streak. Of course, the very nature of slots gaming means that it’s almost impossible to predict when wins might occur, since they’re governed by Random Number Technology, but there are certainly a few steps that players can take to ensure that they always come out on top, following a gaming session for real money.

Our single best piece of advice to anyone hoping to win at Hot 777 Deluxe, is to play the game as much as possible in free play mode. That way you’ll gain a thorough understanding of how the game works, which gives you a sound basis on which to create your wagering strategy.

In addition to playing Hot 777 Deluxe, you can also try out all of the other current Wazden Slots for Free too, so you’ll soon discover your new favourite. Perhaps this will spark off an interest in retro slots, and if that’s the case, we’ve got plenty of other, similar games that you might like to take for a spin. On the other hand, you might decide that for you, it’s all about the bonuses for slots, in which case we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Whether you’re playing for fun, or playing for knowledge that you can use in an online casino, remember to keep checking back regularly to find out what’s new.


Disclaimer: Hot 777 Deluxe trademark / license is owned by Wazdan. This site is not endorsed by Wazdan.

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Slot Data
Slot Name: Hot 777 Deluxe
Software: Wazdan
RTP: 96.19
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 5
Reels: 3
Min Bet (all lines covered): £0.10 (GBP)
Max Bet: £100 (GBP)
Top Win: 20000
Features: Bonus Game, Wild Symbol, Multiplier, Medium volatility, 3 Reels
UK Available in GB? Yes. Wazdan have a UKGC license and are allowed to offer their games at UK licensed casinos.

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