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Let’s start with the obvious. You can’t talk about retro slots without automatically thinking of the classic fruit machine games. To some, they may not quite have enough going on, however, this type of retro slots doesn’t just need to be about simply spinning to win. Modern fruit slots often are just as packed with features as some of the slots which pride themselves on keeping the player on the toes. This could be due to exciting storylines or top of the range graphics. The truth is that whilst most retro fruit slots do like to keep it simple, the simplicity doesn’t mean that you are left out of the action.

It’s hard to choose just a few fruit related retro slots due to this being a theme that features heavily, but some examples include Cherries Gone Wild, Bells and Roses, Tropical 7 Fruits, Bars N Bells and, of course, Fantastic Fruit. As you can see from this selection, the inclusion of fruit often comes side by side with added bar symbols and bells. These go hand in hand with fruit to complete some of the most common symbols in some of the most popular retro games.

Authentic play

Another common feature that is often seen with retro games is the style that the reels are presented in. With fruit slots, you are likely to see vivid colours which automatically pull you in and make you want to spin those multi-coloured reels. You may also see an image of possible winning combinations pinned to the screen, normally at the side of the reels in their own little table, in contrast to many other slots which have these hidden away within the information section.

However, it is the graphics showing the set-up of a classic casino fruit machine that is guaranteed to see the slot categorised as a retro title. It almost feels as though you are stood at the machine itself, with twinkling lights from other machines seen in the background, albeit slightly blurry. You may also see the same buttons which prompt you to spin, nudge or hold, just like many physical fruit machines have.

By continuing the same slot set up as the slot machines found in casinos, it takes you back to when this type of machine was the only way to play slots, and therefore automatically categorises that particular title as retro. Some obvious examples of this type of slots include Mega Joker, Jackpot 2000 and the Jackpot Jester series.


For those who do like a simpler feel when playing the slot of their choice, there are plenty of options which will satisfy your need. Many of the titles in the retro category consist of three reels to spin, something which takes you back to the bare bones of slots. Slots such as Double Triple Chance, Party Time and Bar 7s are just some of the titles which continues to offer three reels. Popular slot Break Da Bank began as a three reel slot yet the updated Break Da Bank Again saw the need to keep up with the times by instead offering five reels.

Although the three reels are common in retro slots, it doesn’t mean that all retro titles continue this trend. In fact many of the retro titles now offer 5 reels, or in some cases even more, to try and keep up with evolving gameplay.


Whereas some of the retro slots pride themselves on being as authentically simple as possible, others take advantage of the advances in graphics to make them feel like a retro slot playing in modern times. This is where the crossover with other categories is most prevalent. Retro slots which are crossed with action and adventure can be seen in Carnival Royale, Steampunk Heroes and Hold Up, whilst you can find a spot of retro romance in Hot Ink and Burning Desire. Unsurprisingly, the retro category is also home to a number of titles based on moments in history, with Bombs Away, 4 Reel Kings and The Great Cashby making up some of the genre mashed up slots.

However, possibly the most popular category crossover features retro gaming and eras throughout time. You can visit the Wild West in Neon Cowboy or head back to the 40s, 60s and 80s in Roaring Forties, The Hip 60s and 80s Night Life. Along with these light-hearted, fun themes comes a great array of music with snippets of each era making a musical appearance. If there’s one way to make you feel nostalgic, it’s with the use of music.

Whether you just like to keep your slot play as simple as possible, or you enjoy the nostalgic feeling from playing slots reminiscent of the early casino game days, there is a respectable number of retro slots available here for you to choose from. You may just have trouble sticking to just one.