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The majority of iSoftbet’s games are set out on a five-reel platform, and some of their most well-known titles are based on popular TV series and blockbuster Hollywood movies such as Beverly Hills 90210 and Rambo. In addition to these famous names, there are also a plethora of more standard themed slots on offer, including those with a sparkling gem theme and one with dolphins and, of course, no successful gaming company’s portfolio of games would be complete without an essential lucky Irish game.

Slots By ISoftbet

iSoftbet’s most recent offerings are undoubtedly up there with the best of the best and rival many of the more well-known software houses. Some of the games have three reels, but most of them come with five, and games like Ultimate Super Reels start with three but players have the option to add two more reels to improve their chances of winning. Movie and TV show themes are synonymous with this developer, but rather uniquely, it isn’t all about the most famous names in the game, and a great example is the slot called Love Guru named after the comedy by Mike Myers. Maybe not a Hollywood blockbuster but it certainly makes for a fun slot.

The games on offer through iSoftbet are varied, which means that it isn’t always easy to know if you are playing one of their games. Some slots are similar to each other, with win amounts and symbols boasting a familiar look. One thing that iSoftbet is famous for is true of many other great software houses, and that is that bonuses and wilds will always lead to bigger wins. Jackpots are usually triggered by hitting a combination of five wilds on the reels, and these are some of the hallmarks that help to identify a iSoftbet game.

Modern Technology

Some of the more recent games from iSoftbet feature the popular 243-possible-wins technology, which means that, starting from the reel on the left-hand side, any combo of three or more matching symbols will score a win. The great thing about this feature is that it puts a stop to all those annoying times when you think you’ve got lucky and have a five-of-a-kind match but on closer examination you realize your eyes were playing tricks on you.

Entertaining Gaming

The company is well known for its belief that there is beauty in simplicity, and they certainly hit the nail on the head when it comes to using clean designs to create easy-to-play games that are still entirely enjoyable to play. iSoftbet’s games are visually appealing, endlessly likeable and effortless to understand, which is why they never fail to entertain.

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