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Kajot Slots - Reviews, Demo Play and Bonus Offers

Kajot Slots have an aggregate user rating of 3.2/5 from 82 votes. ⭐


Kajot’s portfolio of games is pretty extensive, as you’d expect from a company that’s been around for such a long time. Although some of the games are starting to show their age graphics-wise, most of them are fun to play and rewarding as well. Kajot make games with three, four and five reels, so they range from simple, classic slots to some ambitious video themed games.

Three Reelers

Kajot offer a lot of classic, 2D slots action, with bright, simple fruit symbols and straightforward gameplay. These are not boring games, however – Kajot always manage to find a way to incorporate interesting bonus features and original extras. In Kajot Lines, for example, there’s a Double Win Bonus feature for a full house of nine matching bonus symbols, and in Classic Sevens there’s a three tiered bonus game that can hand out some very generous prizes to lucky winners.

Four Reelers

Kajot’s four reel games tend to be a mixture of the vintage and the innovative, so classic fruit machine themed games sit alongside popular originals such as London Pub, with its pints, pipes and drams. Another Kajot original is Nitro 81, a street racing themed slot which is guaranteed to get the adrenaline flowing.

Five Reelers

Five reel slot games make up the biggest section of Kajot’s portfolio and again, they give their players a nicely balanced mix of classic slots and ambitious video themed games. Classic slots like Joker Dream, Lucky Bar, Crazy Fruits, Multi Diamonds and Joker Strong will appeal to the purists out there. The bonus features on these classic games are where the originality lies, with plenty of Free Spins, Wild Symbols and Bonus Games.

For players who like a visual treat, Kajot have more imaginatively themed games such as Aztec’s Gold, Submarine, Lucky Dragon and Fly For Gold. Kajot are producing some impressive 3D animations for their newer, more complex themed games, but not ignoring the fans of their classic retro fruit slots.

Kajot offer a range of games to suit all playing tastes. Their portfolio includes a really well struck balance between contemporary and classic, between complex and simple, with just enough innovation to keep everyone interested. Although not a household name outside of the Czech Republic, these games are worth checking out for the casual player and the connoisseur alike.

Kajot Slot FAQs

Where are Kajot based?

Kajot is a Czech-based company. Their headquarters are in the company’s capital, Prague.

When were they established?

Kajot was formed back in 1996, meaning they’ve been around for a lot longer than the vast majority of game developers on the market today.

Do they attend trade shows?

Yes. They’re regular attendees at industry-leading trade shows, including London’s ICE Totally Gaming event.

What’s prevented them from seeing mainstream success?

Unfortunately, Kajot haven’t really enjoyed the mainstream success that many other game developers like NetEnt and Microgaming have enjoyed. One of the major contributing factors behind this is the simple fact that many of their games are very basic; they don’t look amazing, and they don’t offer anything particularly intuitive either.

What are some of their top slots?

Despite a lack of commercial success, Kajot has developed a wide variety of video slots. Some of their most successful ones include Classic Seven, Crazy Fruits, Halloween King, Fruit Machine 27 and Bonus Star.