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Konami Slots - Reviews, Demo Play and Bonus Offers

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Konami is an amalgamation of the names of its founders, Tatuso Miyasako and Yoshinobu Nakama, and also the CEO, Kagamasa Kouzuki. By the early 1980s, the Konami team was marketing a range of computer software. However, its decision to enter the home games console sector was a hugely influential one. After success in its native Japan, in 2005, the company headquarters relocated to the legendary gaming and gambling city, Las Vegas. With additional American bases in both California and Nevada, Konami began to have a major impact overseas, and branched out even further afield to Australia, where the popularity of gaming products, and Konami in particular, is very well known.

The Konami Code

Inspired by the impact and success of cheat codes in Nintendo gaming, Konami introduced the innovative addition of its own cheat codes into its games. These codes were intended to add an additional dimension to the gamers’ experience – bypassing extremely difficult levels or else simply creating an extra level on which to enjoy a chosen game. The Konami codes were a runaway success and were soon used across a variety of games. Cheat codes are now a common way to add an extra facet of enjoyment and excitement to all styles of games.

Far-Reaching Impact

Konami games are not only familiar to fans of the arcade or gambling experience, but also to those who love the silver screen. Several of the company’s most popular titles have been adapted into major Hollywood blockbusters—including the terrifying horror Silent Hill, Castlevania and more. Konami inspires other industries, but also takes inspiration from them too. Some of the company’s most successful games were the Rocky slots – based on the series of hugely successful films of the same name, following the rise of an underdog boxer. Other Konami games have become famous for their exceptional graphics, sound design, and gameplay that offers a unique experience for gamers. The addition of bonus features, engaging narratives, and settings that range from the stunning Asian-inspired Ancient Dragon to the gritty world of championship boxing, makes for an unrivalled gaming experience.

With experience, innovation, and near unmatched versatility, Konami remains one of the industry’s most respected companies.