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Vela Gaming Slots - Reviews, Demo Play and Bonus Offers

Vela Gaming Slots have an aggregate user rating of 4.3/5 from 10 votes. ⭐

About Vela Gaming

From its Malaysian headquarters, Vela Gaming is perfectly positioned to release its new games into an enthusiastic Asian and Oriental market. This has led the company to adopt a distinctly mobile-first approach in its game development program. That strategy extends in equal measure to its portfolio of online casino products.

This is an approach that’s been dictated by the tastes of Asian gamblers. They like to be able to access their favourite games on their smartphones and tablets and they’re particularly keen on highly-volatile gaming too. This is why we advise a fair amount of caution when you play any Vela Gaming slots games.

At the current time, Vela is attempting to expand its reach into European gaming markets. As yet, only a few of its games have been released in this part of the world. Unfortunately, important game data hasn’t yet made the leap from Malaysia, so we can’t confirm any RTP or volatility ratings for the available games. Without this information, we simply can’t recommend any of the company’s games for playing at a casino for real cash.

But not to worry! Until the necessary data does become available, you can enjoy playing any of the currently available Vela Gaming slots right here. Most importantly, it won’t cost you anything at all, so there’s absolutely no risk involved!

Vela Gaming slots to try

Although Vela Gaming slots tend to be quite simple, if you’re a player who enjoys classic gaming but with a more modern aesthetic, then these games might be just what you’ve been looking for. We suggest the following games will give you a pretty good overview as to what’s on offer from this developer:

Wealth Palace

The real beauty of Asian themed slots is that they tend to be packed to bursting with lucky symbols. That’s definitely the case with Wealth Palace. Caishen himself, the God of Wealth and Prosperity appears as the game’s Wild. He’s a happy and smiling fellow, and so he should be - after all, he delivers cash rewards when you spin him up! Aside from substituting for other symbols, he also doubles the value of any winning combinations he appears in.

The game is made up of five reels and three rows of symbols with 30 paylines. But there’s also a Win Both Ways mechanic in operation, so it plays out more in the fashion of 60 paylines. Rather worryingly, the game’s rules and paytable claim that pay awards are made from left to right only. It also claims that Caishen Wilds only appear on the central three reels too. But we’re here to tell you that we’ve played this game thoroughly for ourselves, and the game’s own rules have got it wrong!

In our opinion, Wealth Palace is the perfect starting point for someone who’s just starting out on their slots gaming journey. Gameplay is extremely simple, so it’s very easy to get to grips with. Just don’t forget to keep a watchful eye on your balance.


Kakiemon is actually a type of Japanese pottery with delicate embellishments on top of the glaze. And now Vela Gaming has made it the subject of a rather elegant online slots game too. They’ve managed to utilise this theme across all of the game’s symbols, including the lowest-value playing card icons. Each of them has been designed to look as though it’s been intricately painted, which makes for engaging visuals.

Once again, however, the paytable and rules simply aren’t giving out the right information. Despite the paytable suggesting that the Wild only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4, we’ve played the game for ourselves and it definitely appears on all five reels. And there’s even a prize payout for landing 1-5 Wilds, so it’s slightly mystifying as to how the game’s writers could have got it so wrong. As with Wealth Palace, there’s a Win Both Ways mechanic at work, so paylines run from right to left, as well as from left to right.

And as with Wealth Palace, Kakiemon doesn’t offer a Free Spins bonus round. Scatter symbols feature in both games, but they only exist to pay out cash rewards. Welcome as these always are, it is likely that the most ardent slots fans in this part of the world are likely to mourn the lack of Free Spins and other bonus features.

Fortune Beast

Bold, bright and colourful symbols make Fortune Beast extremely easy on the eye, no matter what device you choose to play the game on. This is a classic format of five reels and three rows, but Vela Gaming has ramped up the excitement by adding a 243 Ways to Win mechanic. One thing we know that keen gamers particularly love is another addition to the collection of 243 Ways to Win slots.

Symbols on the reels of Fortune Beast include Asian pears, red money wallets and the distinctive golden ingots, known as sycees. Firecracker Scatters trigger the Free Spins bonus round, which gives players a choice as to the direction the game will take. You get to decide which of the symbols will appear on the reels, allowing you to go for more low-value symbols or fewer high-value ones. It’s a fun twist that deserves to be explored in greater detail. Luckily, you can play the Fortune Beast demo slot right here, completely free!

FAQs About Vela Gaming

Which markets do Vela Gaming target?

Vela Gaming primarily targets the Asian market. However, a few of their games can be found at Western sites, thanks to partnerships with other software providers.

Do they have a parent company?

Yes. Vela Gaming is part of the Denizen Strategies Group (GSG) who were first established in 2012. The parent company is located in Asia and produces a range of non-slot products including live dealer games and white-label casino solutions.

Are their games mobile-optimized?

Yes. In fact, one of Vela Gaming’s core goals when starting out was to develop high-quality games that players could enjoy from their mobile devices.

What games have they developed?

Vela Gaming’s portfolio is, at the time of writing, quite small, with just 8 slots released. They’re mostly Asian-inspired, and some games worth checking out include Fortune Bowl, Fortune Dragon, Fortune Wheel, Kakiemon, The Belt and Road and Wealth Palace.

Have they partnered with any notable iGaming companies?

Yes. Despite focusing on the Asian market, Vela Gaming have actually formed partnerships with some of the West’s biggest gaming names including IGT, Playtech and Aristocrat.