Branded slots continue to be the biggest trend in the casino market at the moment. More and more developers are starting to release games that are based on popular television shows, movies and comic books – but, Aristocrat maintains a leading position with some of the most successful branded slots on the market. Here are some of our favourites.

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an Aristocrat slot machine that was released at casinos in 2014. It was a highly publicised launch, and it became the most pre-ordered game in the history of many Las Vegas casinos. Today, the game continues to be a huge hit among players, as they flock to the game’s familiar theme, interactive bonuses and generous progressive prizes.

Several players have cashed in on jackpots worth over $500 000 from this great game.

Britney Spears

This slots game has made its debut this month at Planet Hollywood, where Britney Spears has just extended her residency until 2017. The game features a glitzy and glamorous theme, and it is housed in the massive ARC double cabinet – so, the look of the game will certainly attract players on the casino floor.

The game features a soundtrack that is full of Britney’s greatest hits and offers up a generous progressive jackpot that seeds at $10 000.

Sons of Anarchy

This branded slots game is based on the hit television series of the game name. It offers up a wide range of gameplay features that we’ve never seen before from Aristocrat slots, such as Cluster Power, Big Character symbols and expanding reels. There are four generous progressive jackpots available, with the grand prize seeding at $10 000.

Classic Batman TV Series

This slot machine debuted at online casinos in 2014, and Adam West himself was there to mark the occasion. This game does a great job of evoking the character and feel of the original 1960s Batman series with colourful graphics and a vintage aesthetic.

There are bonuses based on classic villains, such as The Joker, Catwoman and Penguin – and, a mechanical reel at the top of the game adds a unique retro element.

A Christmas Story

This is the latest branded slots game to come from Aristocrat. It has yet to hit casinos – but, from what we know about this game already, we really like. It is based on the classic comedy holiday film, A Christmas Story, and it features characters from the movie as symbols.

There are also five great bonuses available – each one based on a classic scene from the film, such as the Triple Dog Dare and the Queen Mother of Dirty Words. We can’t wait for the release of this slot, as we are sure it will offer up a fantastic gaming experience.